View Full Version : Looks like Kucinich is considering running for congress in Washington State.

Nitro Express
04-16-2012, 01:01 PM
Dear Friend,

I have just received this communication from Washington Citizens for Kucinich which asks that I consider running for Congress in Washington State.

This week, while I was speaking in Seattle, the question came up in two television interviews: KCPQ-TV and KING-TV. I cannot approach consideration of such an unprecedented step without seeking advice from you, my friends in Washington State, whose help and generosity have enabled me to serve in the US Congress from Ohio.

I would appreciate your participation in this survey of my Washington State supporters. Please click on this link, enter your email address and zip code, and then vote. I would be grateful for your comments too and shall be reading them on Wednesday.

Your participation and your guidance is critical to my decision.

Your's Sincerely,

Dennis Kucinich

My brother in law got this in an email.

04-16-2012, 01:30 PM
FORD must be ecstatic.

04-16-2012, 01:35 PM
Your brother in law better check the date on that email. I know that Dennis was definitely considering making this move last summer, and the speaking engagement in Seattle he refers to there was probably the annual AM 1090 conference where he appeared, along with all the talk radio folks who are heard daily here in FORD Country.

Here he is discussing progressives and whether or not you can work with teabaggers.......


Sadly, he decided against it, and instead fought for his own seat in Ohio, and got screwed by redistricting. I would have loved to see him here in the new 10th district.

Guitar Shark
04-16-2012, 01:41 PM

Apparently he's considering it again.


Nitro Express
04-16-2012, 01:48 PM
That redistricting thing is a real can of worms. My uncle served as a state senator on the Democratic ticket. He later was asked to be on the committee to redistrict his state voting precincts. The previous committee spent $200,000 and got nothing accomplished. They got the redistricting done but then the Republicans threw a tizzy fit and the whole thing has gone to court. My uncle died of a heart attack in his sleep while all this bullshit was going on. He was one of the few people who went into politics not as a career, but to try and clean things up. He told me he had never been wined and dined so well as when he was a state senator. He said politics today is nothing more than two groups fighting over who is going to get the special interest money. He said there are too many career politicians.

04-16-2012, 02:00 PM
Damn... seems a little late in the political season to be making such a move. I'm not a fan of carpetbagging as a rule, but Dennis is the kind of Democrat we need to see more of in this state. Too damn many DLC'ers (Repuke Lite) in elected seats, and that asshat Dwight Pelz seems to be fine with that. I'm kinda disappointed that Dennis seems to be focused on the 1st district though, when there's an open seat down here in the new 10th district, which is mostly here in Thurston County.

Out of all the candidates that seem to be running in the 1st, Darcy Burner is the only one with any name recognition at all. I think she would have won the 8th last time if Repuke thugs hadn't torched her house, which understandably screwed up her campaign.

Nitro Express
04-16-2012, 02:11 PM
The problem is there are too many bought off lackeys in both parties. I always liked having the power in more than one party but then when you buy off enough politicians you end up with one party with two names. I mean you have Republicans taxing and spending up a storm and wiping their asses with the constitution. They blame the Democrats for that but hey, they don't walk the talk. They don't stand for the Constitutional rights of the average citizen either but they are going to show up to the NRA convention and talk all about rights and then go to Washington and take them away. People have to wake up to the shit. It's a scam. Obama was a scam seasoned and flavored to appeal to the left. Romney is a scam seasoned and flavored to appeal to the right. At the end of the day, Goldman Sachs and JP Mogan Chase can do whatever the hell they want. It's the big club George Carlin talked about and we aren't in it.