View Full Version : Listened to "Skyscraper" backwards

10-22-2012, 01:30 AM
When Dave said "if you play 'Skyscraper' backwards, it says 'Obey or parents. Wear a condom,'" I assumed he was joking (and I laughed my ass off because that's hilarious).

Many years later during that recent Vai interview, Steve is asked if that's real. He laughs and reiterates what was (supposedly) said but doesn't confirm or deny.

Then today I thought, "It's not that crazy to do that, and Dave has certainly went out of his way to do goofier things." So I figured out to play shit backwards and listened to it.

Son of a bitch if I didn't hear "Wear a condom." It was said to be at the end, and after the solo you can hear backwards-sounding stuff so of course I figured it was that, which it was. He definitely says it--real fast, and it's whispered.

I didn't hear the "obey your parents" part though. Listened to the whole song backwards.

Anyone else ever try this? All I did was play it through Quicktime, and at the end of the song hit CTRL and the left arrow button in unison.