View Full Version : Groovy Old Documentary On How Mullard Tubes Are Made.....

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01-10-2013, 03:18 AM
Well goddammit.....embedding is disabled.

Ok....go to the fucking youtube site and watch it there so the little pussy muffukker can be all happy and shit.


01-10-2013, 03:51 AM

I am sure those of you who have ever worked for a large corporation have had to sit and watch safety films, or on your first day of work, introductory orientation films about the company, or other mindless and boring films about boring fucking manufacturing shit.

I am 23 minutes into this bitch and I want it to stop.

I am going to watch the entire thing, as hey, it is about the process for manufacturing the very tubes we use in our amps, but goddammit I am so fucking burned out on this fucking monotone voiceover dude....and watching mindless shit about a machine cutting a piece of wire and then coating it to fit into a glass base or whatever. :doh:


There are thousands of videos of this type of shit (called Video Ephemera) at www.archives.org

Ok...9 minutes to go....

I guess you could use this video as part of a "History Of Robotics", as the automated machines are primitive "robots".

God....I am sure those people at that fucking factory were glad to have a job, but I could not even last half a day doing mindlessly repetitive shit like that....I would go nuts and have to take out somebody...I bet a lot of those motherfuckers became hardcore drug-abusing alcoholics REAL quick after starting work there.....

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Watch this trick, Tardcock...


How can you be so fucking internet illiterate when you spend your entire life online ??


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How about you refrain from being a dick in Gear St.?

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How 'bout you refrain from telling people to die in a fire, Mrs. Moderator...

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How 'bout you refrain from telling people to die in a fire, Mr. Moderator...

Nope. Especially since it obviously bothers you so much. Now stay on topic, or fuck off (and die in a fire).


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Dude, you're just a fucking pompous douchebag who trolls the boards to get the last word and post your floor rolling smiley...


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That means SO much coming from the paranoid, delusional racist fucktard who shits up this site daily and has never contributed a dime to it. STFU or this pompous douchebag is gonna start moving your bullshit posts on sight. In other words, FUCK YOU.

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Move 'em, authoritarian asshole...

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You realize we can hear you kicking dirt, yes? Fucking baby.

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I'm laughing, asswipe...

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Doubtful. Reads more like pissing, moaning, and trolling. You might wanna work on that.