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01-15-2004, 02:32 AM
'Funky Monkey' Underwear Flies From Shops

SINGAPORE - Women in Singapore are buying their husbands special Chinese New Year briefs, hoping to bring them good fortune and increase their sexual potency

Women are also buying themselves "Funky Monkey" panties specially designed for the year of the monkey, featuring smiling cartoon primates. The Lunar New Year begins on Jan. 22 and is celebrated by the Chinese diaspora around the globe.

But the most popular style is bright red briefs for men featuring Chinese characters for wealth and prosperity, said Jeannette Cheong, owner of the underwear store ButtOn Trendy Undies.

Cheong said she has sold more than a thousand pairs of the festive undergarments, priced at 5.90 Singapore dollars (US$3.50), since Christmas.

"The Year of the Monkey is definitely more marketable than the other zodiac signs," Cheong said. "Because the cartoon designs for women's underwear are cuter and more appealing."

The items are most popular with middle-aged women who tell Cheong they want to spice up their love lives, she said.

She said she has also received bulk orders from companies looking for Chinese New Year gifts for their staff.

More unusual buyers of the lucky underwear include gray-haired men shopping for themselves and "mamasans" local slang for women who arranges sexual liaisons looking for "corporate gifts" for their clients, Cheong said.

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This was previously in the Funkmonkeys Minkey Picture Post thread at DDLR.Com....so go there for more info...

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Nothing like a good pair of Minkeywear to spice up the romance!

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