View Full Version : Grand Wizard Sessions Wants out of the Cheeto Circus?

06-06-2017, 09:34 PM
Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested he could resign amid rising tension with President Trump
ABC News (http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-suggested-resign-amid-rising/story?id=47875090)

As the White House braces for former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony Thursday, sources tell ABC News the relationship between President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has become so tense that Sessions at one point recently even suggested he could resign.

The friction between the two men stems from the attorney general's abrupt decision in March to recuse himself from anything related to the Russia investigation -- a decision the president only learned about minutes before Sessions announced it publicly. Multiple sources say the recusal is one of the top disappointments of his presidency so far and one the president has remained fixated on.

Trump’s anger over the recusal has not diminished with time. Two sources close to the president say he has lashed out repeatedly at the attorney general in private meetings, blaming the recusal for the expansion of the Russia investigation, now overseen by Special Counsel and former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

But sources say the frustration runs both ways, prompting the resignation offer from Sessions.

Trump flashes anger over Sessions recusal, Russia stories in tense Oval Office meeting

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recuses himself from campaign probes amid Russia questions

Asked by ABC News if the attorney general had threatened or offered to resign, Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores declined to comment.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Sean Spicer was asked today if the president still has confidence in his attorney general. He could not say.

“I have not had that discussion with him,” Spicer said.

“So you can’t say if he has confidence in his attorney general?” Spicer was asked.

Spicer responded: “I said I have not had a discussion with him on the question. I don’t, If I haven't had a discussion about a subject, I tend not to speak about it.”

06-06-2017, 10:26 PM
Honestly, could one blame anybody on Trump's staff or any of Trump's nominees/appointees if they made a bee-line for the exit doors? The longer they stay, the more complicity they confer upon themselves in terms of being firmly attached to all the...shit, all the plain nuttiness Trump unleashes on a daily basis.

Sessions is a charmless guy. I'd feel the same even if he hadn't lied during his confirmation hearings and willingly (like all the others on the growing list of Trump associates) engaged in these (to say the least) odd meetings with Russian officials and businessmen. Even with all of that to one side, it is clear what Sessions believes and the nature of his character is equally clear. Neither of those aspects being personal/political/professional characteristics I find much in the way of common ground.

About the only thing Sessions has done as Attorney General I find even mildly praiseworthy was to have recused himself from the Russia investigations.

Should these investigations lead to charges, impeachment hearings and Trump's removal from office, is Sessions going to be better placed by sticking around until the conclusion of all that? Knowing that should it ever come to Trump having to appear in front of the Senate to answer to articles of impeachment, [Trump] will readily throw (with maybe the exception of Kushner) any and everyone under the bus to save his own skin? Trump values loyalty to a point, but it's in Trump's nature to stiff people and place blame on everyone around him when things go awry. If Sessions thinks for a moment Trump wouldn't turn on him, Sessions is even dumber than I would have thought.

There's a reason why so many potential appointees aren't signing on when being offered positions by the Trump Administration: people know when push comes to shove, the only back Trump has is his own. You combine that with the impulse-driven, short-term rationalizing of the man in the Oval Office...I mean, working for a president should be a somewhat prestigious gig, right?

Not this President. He is radioactive. The only schlubs I can think of who might still be willing to accept a job with a Trump Administration are Rudy, Newt, Christie or Mittens. THEY would still come running if Trump called. Anybody else with a lick of common sense and a degree of previous qualifications is saying, "thanks, but no thanks...I gotta...er...'spend time with my family'..."