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  1. Would Ladies Night In Buffalo
  2. fair warning slow start ?????
  3. push comes to shove
  4. I have a copy of Diver Down on Wax Cylinder
  5. Which CVH CD did you buy first?
  6. Your favourite "Summer Time" Roth songs?
  7. I am SO very sorry...
  8. I Just Bought FAIRWARNING Remastered!
  9. Knucklebones
  10. House of Pain
  11. Comp Setlist
  12. little dreamer
  13. Reviews of 1984
  14. Dave's Vocals on "Zero"
  15. Classic VH vids?
  16. Dancin' In the Streets
  17. Welcome your new Songs Mod DavidLeeNatra!
  18. Don't Piss Me Off...
  19. dave's solo albums...
  20. I'm The One!
  21. The heaviest and softest Classic Van Halen song ?
  22. I'm The One "LIVE"
  23. Unreleased VH Tunes.
  24. Kill The Guy / Cruel Obsession
  25. Welcome Warham as new VH/DLR Songs and Albums moderator
  26. Summertime
  27. Free Olympus m:robe 500i Photo/Music Device !
  28. Check This Shit Out
  29. Angel Eyes
  30. CVH vs EEAS
  31. Ed plays Dave solo stuff
  32. Let It All Hang Out: Do you like it?
  33. Wich is the best CVH CD to get?
  34. VH2 or WACF
  35. Van Halen: The Worst of Volume I
  36. if you were stranded on an island
  37. What is the best CVH album for pulling out the bong and 6 pack of beer?
  38. Dave's Teddy Pendergrass cover, Love TKO
  39. The Longest and Shortest Van Halen songs
  40. Thug Pop
  41. Which Van Halen tune had each member at their best ?
  42. Soul Kitchen
  43. DLR/CVH on the radio
  44. Lemme axe y'all a question...if Martin Scorcese was producing a series of videos 'bou
  45. =VH= symphony...
  46. Act One?
  47. Ice Cream Man!
  48. Big Bad Bill
  49. Dave solo
  50. Fair Warning vs WACF
  51. Van Halen II or Diver Down
  52. Voodoo Queen
  53. VH vs 1984
  54. Best CVH "Triple Play"
  55. Good Enough vs Panama
  56. Diver Down vs 1984
  57. Just Like Paradise vs. Panama
  58. Jump vs Panama
  59. Eat em and smile or 1984
  60. Is what like most rappy song for van halen?
  61. Dave's cover of "Baker Street": A cryptic fuck-off?
  62. ALAE
  63. House Of Pain demo better than 1984 version?
  64. when did you buy your CVH/Roth albums?
  65. Can't get this stuff no more...
  66. I just bought the FW remaster
  67. VHI from Japan
  68. What's the best SUMMER CVH album?
  69. Would you buy 5150 if it were available in an instrumental format?
  70. ice cream man lyrics
  71. Dave Solo Sales Numbers
  72. What your favorite song on Van Halen III?
  73. Best Vh Album To Sex With
  74. VHIII vs. Diver Down
  75. Best Music Career Outside VH
  76. Sammy Solo vs. CVH
  77. Dave's acoustic set from The Skyscraper Tour
  78. Favorite VH tune
  79. Me Wise Magic
  80. DLR Band
  81. "House Of Pain": The last song on the last VH record.
  82. Knucklebones!
  83. Stand Up - from Skyscraper
  84. Running with the devil or panama
  85. What's the best DLR Solo song for the Summer??
  86. Match your mood to a CVH tune
  87. Give YFLM A Chance Thread.
  88. VH or Dave tunes on your cel-phone
  89. fudged up lyrics during karaoke
  90. HFT or Panama
  91. Fair Warning vs. DLR Band
  92. VH covers
  93. Buy the DLRBand CD
  94. Whats the best Van Halen Song and why?
  95. which songs SHOULD have Dave released as singles?
  96. Mean Street vs. Unchained
  97. Outta Love Again: WTF was they thinkin'?
  98. Diamond Dave "Flex" Mp3 download
  99. Lady Luck
  100. MP3 - Dave sings ZZ Top "Fool For Your Stockings" unplugged
  101. Mean Street unplugged MP3
  102. Get it here...No Holds BBQ audio - David Lee Roth
  103. Wich song would you like to hear Dave do as a cover ?
  104. DLRBand vs DD wich one has the ugliest cover art ?
  105. What DLR song would have made the best VH song?
  106. Van Halen Videos
  107. What is your favorite vocal trick?
  108. Diamond Dave
  109. Catchiest DLR song?
  110. I Bought Diamond Dave today
  111. Bad Habits
  112. Best DLR album
  113. 5 Most Kickass CVH Songs
  114. Best Of Vol. 1 vs. David Lee Roth: The Best
  115. Favorite Guitar intro with vocals to match
  116. Skyscraper
  117. Thug pop lyrics anyone?
  118. Flex lyrics anyone??
  119. "Dirty Movies:" Ever done live?
  120. God I Want New Material Already!!!!
  121. The barn burnt down now I can see the moon
  122. Ain't That Peculiar
  123. Outta Love again
  124. Worst Van Hagar/Cherone Song.
  125. If there was a reunion.
  126. Goosebumps
  127. Lyrics to ME WISE MAGIC...anyone have em?
  128. Ranked albums in discography
  129. JUMP! keyboard tabs/notes
  130. What is your favorite CVH Song,and Why
  131. Unreleased songs lyrics
  132. Please somebody tell me that ME WISE MAGIC blows UP FOR BREAKFAST out of the water...
  133. David Lee Roth's greatest song in the last 10 years!
  134. Going Places...
  135. What's your favorite VH/DLR albums in order?
  136. Worst DLR song of all time?
  137. Tin Cup (LISTEN TO IT HERE!)
  138. You're No Good
  139. Best Song on, "Diver Down".
  140. Goddammit!
  141. no big ting versus mean street
  142. Sunburn
  143. hina
  144. It's showtime!
  145. DLR solo tunes LIVE
  146. song you most wish DLR had done live
  147. 1984
  148. Hot For Teacher (The Video)
  149. Crosstown Traffic??
  150. CVH tappin'
  151. Favorite Song From " A Little Aint' Enough"
  152. Damn Good. (Skyscraper)
  153. If Dave does an "all request show", what would you request?
  154. Where would you place theses VH tunes?
  155. Little Guitars... listen here!
  156. Catch That Smell and I Hit the roof
  157. Sonrisa Salvaje Lyrics!
  158. DAVE wrote "Intruder"? Who woulda thunk?
  159. In case you guys didn't know...
  160. Your doctor says you have to take WHAT?
  161. Go Getter
  162. Best Dave-era solos
  163. yankee rose great song? your coments here
  164. When the ressurection comes...
  165. Women in Love (the song)
  166. Then I kissed her on her daddy's boat...
  167. Tell The Truth
  168. Sensible Shoes
  169. World Premiere: Can't Get This Stuff No More-- Music Video
  170. Favourite Cvh/dlr For Getting It On.
  171. World Premiere: Up For Breakfast: The Ultimate Tribute to Samuel R. Hagar
  172. Two Fools A Minute = RAP
  173. A Little Aint Enough
  174. So then there I was
  175. The Dogtown Shuffle
  176. Is Van Halen the last great debut album in rock?
  177. Cover songs for the next DLR/VH album!
  178. Eddie Van Halen playing, "Panama" on David Letterman 85'
  179. Hear About It Later - Watch It Here!
  180. Stompin' 8H - Eddie Van Halen
  181. UNCUT: Just A Gigolo/ I Ain't Got Nobody video.
  182. was ALAE and YFLM too long?
  183. (Oh!) Pretty Woman 1982 VH Video.
  184. Bump N' Grind
  185. Which CVH song gets the "SKIP" button?
  186. Best Song on "Skyscraper".
  187. Take Your Whiskey Home - Revisited
  188. Van Halen "Van Halen"
  189. Eruption - #2 Guitar Solo
  190. best 80s DLR solo track?
  191. VAN HALEN on quadrophonic?
  192. NEW DLR TRIBUTE CD Samples?
  193. Intro to Dogtown Suffle
  194. Hot for Teacher
  195. Do you guys actually like Dave minus VH?
  196. The 3 Best CVH tunes not on the same album?
  197. Why couldn't WB make a DECENT "Best of" Van Halen collection?
  198. The "Panama" experiment in speed!
  199. Sensible Shoes
  200. Lets create A DLR Box set
  201. Lovetime lyrics
  202. Was Damn Good About Dave's Times With Eddie?
  203. Your Classic VH song combo thread
  204. NATRA on dave radio!!!
  205. I'll Wait, Stand Up, Perfect Timing, Counterblast
  206. Diver Down LP
  207. NATRA'S little place...
  208. What was that one song Roth did for the cancer(?) patient?
  209. The NEWEST MOD OF THE ROTH ARMY!!!!---Loons the Great!!!
  210. Christ, that song needs to be released in full NOW!
  211. The Pretty Woman Video
  212. Hammerhead Shark Re-visited one time nah yez yez
  213. This is what the best of van halen album cover should have been.
  214. Tomorrow Never Knows...from the greates' Van Halen album since...............DLR Band
  215. A lil' song battle royale one time right here nah...which tune flaps you flapjacks?!!
  216. What would be the best song that King Papa Diamond Dave has sung for a violent scene
  217. Strummin' with the devil...
  218. Angel Eyes?
  219. favorite vh demo/unrealeased song
  220. Secrets
  221. Outta Love Again
  222. Is "Tell The Truth" a ripoff of Alannah Myles "Black Velvet" ?
  223. Hang Em' High Vs. Last Night
  224. Fools on WACF
  225. The Loons Blues-apaloosa Salloon and Juke Joint
  226. Who here has written a song that you want Roth to sing on his next album
  227. DLR World Tour Kick Off
  228. Hot For Teacher vs. I Cain't Drive 55
  229. What is the mos' best Diamond Dave tune for a car chase scene in a cool, cool movie??
  230. Eat 'Em and Smile vs. Diver Down
  231. DOA & Hang 'Em High: Cuntspiracy Theory?
  232. Dave's Best Summer Songs
  233. Hear About It Later
  234. Kicked To The Curb : DLR Albums
  235. Songwriting credits on SWTD
  236. Drop Dead Legs
  237. favorite album and cd
  238. So this is Love?
  239. 3 Fire Breathing Videos from VH II Baybehh
  240. Name yer favourite bass line that Eddie wrote for Mullet(maybe played for 'em on reco
  241. Ice Cream Man vs. Hot For Teacher
  242. which is better?
  243. Bad Dave review By Some Dukee Dude
  244. roth song best left an instrumental
  245. I'll Wait?
  246. What song does DLR sings aat US Fest
  247. Ain't That Peculiar
  248. guess why YFLM is so popular among the middle age women
  249. Dream On by Aerosmith or Little Dreamer by Van Rothin'??????
  250. Ladies Nite In Buffalo