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  1. Is russell the dog barking in she's the woman?
  2. Blood and Fire complete song
  3. And the covers start rolling in...
  4. 90 second clips of the entire album from vhfrance on youtube!
  5. The Official Van Halen, "She's The Woman" review thread.
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  8. The Official Van Halen, "As Is" review thread
  9. The Official Van Halen, "Honeybabysweetiedoll" review thread
  10. The Official Van Halen, "Outta Space" review thread
  11. The Official Van Halen, "Stay Frosty" review thread
  12. The Official Van Halen, "Big River" review thread
  13. The Official Van Halen, "Beats Workin" review thread
  14. MA on songwriting credits
  15. The Downtown Session
  16. ADKOT Lyrics, Translated For Other Languages?
  17. Audio From Van Halenís New Album Celebration Concert
  18. Rank your favorite songs on the new CD (so far...as you've first heard em')
  19. Check it out in mono !!
  20. Hey, they should throw
  21. Hey! Guitar Player what`s the song you dig in ADKOT???
  22. Girl Gone Bad - Isolated Guitar Track
  23. I have a question....
  24. Unreleased songs from ADKOT
  25. Vinyl Reissues?
  26. What does Panama mean?
  27. ALBUM of the MONTH
  28. VH website
  29. A little help here...
  30. Fair Warning vs 1984?
  31. Dave likes doggy-style!!
  32. Where Do You Rank ADKOT W/ Classic VH?
  33. New dlr speech on ews!
  34. Without looking
  35. Vinyl Question
  36. Misheard lyric in Beautiful Girls
  37. Jump Video Vs Album Version
  38. Drop Me A Line~~ DLR/VH
  39. Roths Lyrics are... What??!! He Said THAT?!? WTF?!
  40. Drum sound on ADKOT
  41. Eddie's defining solo
  42. Fuckit, Im gonna do it. MWM and CGTSNM
  43. It was 30 years ago today.....
  44. Rank your Van Halen and Roth solo albums.
  45. ADKOT nuances
  46. Poll: Best song on Van Halen II
  47. Poll: Best song on Women and Children First
  48. How far back does your worship go?
  49. Dave's Vocal Wheel House
  50. 1991 ALAE Interview
  51. Rank all the Van Halen tours
  52. Rank all the songs on ADKOT from favorite to least favorite
  53. She's the women and NASCAR
  54. "Loss of Control" appreciation thread
  55. A VH Song Tribute to David Lee Roth
  56. China Town cover
  57. ADKOT - Gold in Canada!
  58. ''Experience'' Alternate Version?
  59. The DLR Band - 2012 Remaster
  60. Did Michael Anthony play bass on every classic Van Halen song?
  61. DLR/VH Anagrams
  62. She's the Woman 45 Question
  63. Vinyl Collection Complete
  64. Top Ten most underated 90's DLR solo songs?
  65. JUMP voted best ever sport song
  66. Van Halen-Warner Brothers Demo-Full album
  67. If you could permanently remove one song from the setlist, which would it be?
  68. Van Halen III
  69. ADKOT - Six Months Later
  70. Vh at the movies
  71. It's Time for a NEW Setlist. . . .
  72. Tell the truth / Black velvet
  73. Van Halen Performs "Panama" With Mitch Malloy
  74. David Lee Roth - Take Sarava (Unreleased 2007 track) WORLD PREMIERE
  75. Reggie Watts covers 'Panama' by Van Halen
  76. Van Halen-Sunday afternoon in the park / Romeo Delight 9/1/81 new version
  77. Unchained cover
  78. Sinners Swing! Cover
  79. Listened to "Skyscraper" backwards
  80. New DLR album?
  81. David Lee Roth: "Ashley"
  82. Roth Championship Series (Round 1) Part 1 of 10
  83. Roth Championship Series (Round 1) Part 2 of 10
  84. Official Loss Of Control Vid....Different Mix?
  85. Follow me
  86. Let's pay our respect to the greatst song on, "Your Filthy Little Mouth"
  87. Diver Down Sound
  88. When the resurrection comes... there will be a two drink minmum.....
  89. The Drop In The Bucket Shrine
  90. Goin' Crazy
  91. The original "Just a Gigolo" by BING CROSBY!
  92. I live with fools!!!!!!!
  93. Here's Just What You (She?) Wanted
  94. 1979 EVH Interview, discussing 'Angel Eyes'
  95. Best song on Eat "Em And Smile?
  96. VH - Get Down Tonight
  97. Mad Anthony's Express
  98. "As Is" Drum Cover by Joshua Gallagher (STUDIO QUALITY)
  99. Happy 1st. Year Anniversary ADKOT !!!
  100. David Lee Roth - Hina
  101. David Lee Roth - Big Trouble
  102. Van Halen - "Dirty Movies"
  103. DLR Band - Going Places...
  104. Van Halen - House of Pain
  105. "I'm The One" Cover
  106. "Dirty movies" intro baffles me! :(
  107. Runnin With the Devil Best of Version w/ bizarre edit
  108. CLASSIC ROCK Top 10 Eddie Van Halen Guitar Solos
  109. Pick three new songs for the setlist
  110. Rare B-Side Version of Stand Up
  111. Extremely Rare Synth version of , "Secrets".
  112. Van Halen - Just What You Wanted (unreleased, original)
  113. Van Halen - One More Time (unreleased, original)
  114. Van Halen - We Die Bold
  115. Eruption
  116. We're Gettin' Funny In The Back of My Car ....
  117. ALAE Video Question...
  118. Reggie Watts covers Van Halen
  119. What Van Halen song has the most meaning to you?
  120. Don't Piss Me Off ...
  121. Little Texas
  122. Isolated Guitar on I'm the One
  123. "Hot For Teacher" Drum (and guitar and bass) Cover
  124. DLR - Just Like Paradise Canadian 7" Mispress Record
  125. David Lee Roth - Shine A Light (unreleased)
  126. Isolated Synth track for Jump?
  127. Opinions on demo version of Somebody Get Me a Doctor
  128. Van Halen - The Grind - Live @ Gazzarri's 1975!
  129. Take It Back (Believe Me)
  130. Whaddevaa..."Spanish Fly" Performed On Piano By Some Dude From Dream Theater...
  131. Popmatters Review Van Halen 1
  132. Reissued Skyscraper
  133. Jump is such a beautiful tune
  134. Songs covered by Van Halen during the club days.
  135. Is this the worst Van Halen song ever?
  136. Different Kind of Truth
  137. DTNA - Guitar Heaven
  138. The Kamikazi EDDIE
  139. Easy Street
  140. No Big 'Ting: Why is it universally panned by almost all Roth fans?
  141. You're Breathin It (Remix) : Why Am I posting this?
  142. Private Parts (unreleased) David Lee Roth 97'
  143. Elvis/Van Halen - "Burning Love"