CVH Rulz

  1. Ahh well...

    It seems there's no one left here to have a discussion with unless you are cynical and jaded. Life is too short...
  2. Dave and Dave!

    “Now, look, I just started calling everybody I fucking knew to come out and play with us tonight. And then I started calling everyone I don’t fuckin’ know to play with us tonight. There was one guy that I’ve never played with before. He was the fucking Bucket List motherfucker, this guy.

    “We got the Bucket List motherfucker tonight!

    “Ladies and gentlemen… would you please welcome… LOUDLY… David Lee Roth from Van Halen!”

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  3. Going, going, gone!

    Just sold my Dave autographed guitar. Memoribilia is all gone. All I have left is my memory and my music. By the time the memories fade, I probably won't care anymore!
  4. Fucking Unbelievable

    It amazes me how so many Van Halen fans can be such miserable hateful assholes!