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  1. West Side Bike Path, NYC, 9/15: I'll sleep when I'm married ...

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    David Lee Roth
  2. The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies

    The Gentleman's Guide To Forum Spies

    1. COINTELPRO Techniques for dilution, misdirection and control of a internet forum
    2. Twenty-Five Rules of Disinformation
    3. Eight Traits of the Disinformationalist
    4. How to Spot a Spy (Cointelpro Agent)
    5. Seventeen Techniques for Truth Suppression

  3. Official 1/5 NYC Cafe Wha? Review Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by POJO_Risin View Post
    WARF...by the way...just shot me a couple of texts...

    1. His review, pics and vid will be coming tomorrow. He is OUT OF THE CLUB AND SOBER...he made it to his bus, which is heading home in about three minutes...he'll roll in after three...and get to work at 7 AM...so patience SIR WARF will be in the house tomorrow...

    2. He kept coming back to Wolfgang...blazing about how good he was...and he kept saying...NO BACKING VOCALS...NO BACKING TRACKS...HE WAS AWESOME...

    So...I've been going round and round about this show and the brilliance of it...how THEY'VE NEVER DONE SHIT LIKE THIS BEFORE...and I've got it...it's fucking clear as a fucking bell...

    There have been so many bashings towards this band...AND FOLKS...IT'S BEEN DESERVED. They've fucked up on every stage since 1985...in so many ways. Think about all the criticisms...Dave can't sing anymore, Eddie can't play any more...Alex needs bionics because his body is breaking down...they don't get along...Wolfgang sucks...he doesn't belong...they aren't a tight band anymore...they don't pay attention to their fans...they have no fucking clue how to play the media anymore...

    then comes Cafe Wha...after exclusive videos to the VHND and the Army...and then after to VHLinks with some nudging from Va...they throw bones to their fans first...

    then this show...not a premiere event really...no security...bare bones...clean...and in the front row...TWO MEMBERS FROM THE ARMY...Jeff is there from VHND...James from Links...and there's Van fucking Halen...

    ...and you can hear it...THEY ARE TIGHT AS FUCK...they sounded great...tight...and it wasn't canned...they were up there having a fucking blast. Alex, finally ripping on a regular drum set...Eddie clearly feeling a song unlike nothing he's done since 85...Wolfy absolutely STOLE THE FUCKING SHOW...they had him geared up...and he was tearing it up...and Edward wasn't singing...that
  4. Rolling Stone: VH to Perform at Cafe Wha? This Thursday !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Va Beach VH Fan View Post

    Van Halen to Perform at New York's Cafe Wha? This Thursday

    Band expected to debut new single sometime this month

    January 2, 2012 7:55 PM ET

    Journalists across New York have been invited to a Van Halen concert at the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village this Thursday. Though nothing is official, word is the band are going to perform a 45-minute set. The group hasn't played in public since the end of their 2007/'08 reunion tour with original frontman David Lee Roth, though they have been rehearsing for their upcoming world tour at the Roxy in Los Angeles for the past few months. A new album is in the works, and a new image released by the band has the date 2.7.12 on it. A new video and single is expected to hit sometime this month. The tour goes on sale January 10th.

    The 250-seat Cafe Wha? may seem like an unlikely place for Van Halen to launch their new tour, but the club has an important family connection to David Lee Roth. His uncle Manny Roth owned and operated the venue, providing a stage to then-up-and-coming acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Bill Cosby, Bob Dylan, Richard Pryor and many others.

    While the Van Halen camp has been extremely quiet about the band's plans for 2012, they recently put up a giant billboard in Times Square and teaser footage showing the band rehearsing at the Roxy. They have also given the fansite VHLINKS two exclusive videos of the band reminiscing about Eddie Van Halen's old Volvo and judging wet T-shirt contests back in the Seventies. The site also says that a "trusted source" tells them the band has been "busy booking rehearsal space and hotel rooms for the band and their crew for [this] week in NYC."
  5. Still Shots from DLR Video (Roth Army Gallery)

    Quote Originally Posted by Va Beach VH Fan View Post
    Please go to the Roth Army Gallery to view the pictures here....

    The pics were too popular for Photobucket !!

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