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  1. minus55's Avatar
    Just heard this the other day and it's totally awesome. No comments?
  2. Oolith's Avatar

    On this day,exactly 2yrs ago.(Here's the vid,if you want to reminisce ) #Feb17 #Libya #Benghazi
  3. Blaze's Avatar
    I think there is a picture, if I recall correctly. You should find it and post it for us.
  4. adena dodds's Avatar
    So the ticket does say "No recorders". Did Diamond Dave pull any other women on stage that year and dip them over like in the video Hot for Teacher? Or was I the chosen one? Wish I had it on video or at least a picture............but the memory remains!
  5. adena dodds's Avatar
    I'll probally be able to be buried buy all of my shoes.....and I may just suggest that in my final will. Along with my dogs teeth and bones I want my shoes!!! But while I'm still alive I say....All dressed up and no where to go.
  6. Blaze's Avatar
    Yes, music will endure. And those that desire superior quality endeavor with music will seek it out.
    The feeling of solid keys vibrating from your command onto your finger tips and into your ears is a valuable memory worth repeating. Enjoy~
  7. losethedress's Avatar
    Very well thought out commentary and predictions. You know the thing that keeps us all together - this music? I have to say that IT will never die. It is a universal language which affects people viscerally. So I guess I'm saying, The Art will live on, regardless of the method of delivery. Hell, I'm itching to play the piano again after dropping lessons at a very young age. Music will endure. But I think you already know that. ; )
  8. Little Texan's Avatar
    Suggestion...if you're so afraid of what goes bump in the night that you can't get out of your car, next time take a male friend along.
  9. Little Texan's Avatar
    You traveled all that way to check out the meteors in a dark spot and were too skeered to get out of the car? WTF? What were you so scared of? Afraid the Boogeyman gonna jump out of the bushes and take advantage of you? Seriously, WTF?
  10. Diamondjimi's Avatar
    Saw some cool meteorites last night down on Lake Erie...