Van Halen Show Tuesday Night at Bank Atlantic Center

Hi Guys,

Did anyone else go to the show in Sunrise Fl? I went and it was a lot of fun. It looks like the guy from the Sun Sentinel loved the show and the guy from the Miami Herald hated it.

My personal feelings are that the 2007-08 show was much better in that DLR looked and sounded GREAT. That tour, or what I like to call it, 'The Reunion Tour' was all about DAVE. Eddie was struggling with health issues and Dave carried the show. This time around, 'A Different Kind of Truth', it appeared that Eddie was on his game and Dave struggled a bit. I don't know, maybe those years of smoking are starting to catch up to him.

It was still a lot of fun and I ALWAYS enjoy Diamond Dave and the rest of the guys. It was really cool to hear new material played live and it appeared to be a full house.

Anyway, let me know guys if you caught the same show.

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