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  1. U.S. Army unveils a trove of soldiers' war paintings

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) An American soldier stands alone amid the long grass of a Vietnamese field accompanied by the helicopter that brought him there while a few other soldiers are seen in the background.
    "Landing Zone," a somber depiction of the Vietnam War in 1966 by soldier John Wehrle, is among about 300 paintings by U.S. servicemen and women that will be unveiled to the public for the first time at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center in September.

    Click image to see war paintings from U.S. servicemen, women

    The exhibition is also designed to enable active and retired servicemen and women to give their relatives a realistic view of their experience of war.
    "If a soldier takes his family to the museum, I want them to be able to say, 'That's what it was like,'" Cervantez said.
    Other soldiers/artists will be invited to submit their works to an online gallery for possible display in a computer kiosk within the exhibition. The show runs from September 24 to January 10, 2011 and will then tour other U.S. cities.

    For more information and the complete article click here

    A link to the National Constitution Center

    The introduction of the exhibit from the National Constitution Center

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  2. Twitter

    I created an account on twitter today.
    I browsed other people's comments over there for a while and found that place was not worth creating an account. totally boring.
  3. Ridiculous.

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    Without scientists how would we do this?

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  4. The Statesboro Revue - "Red Headed Woman"

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  5. Test

    I think this guy is an idiot.

    would you agree with me?