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  1. Litigations of interest - Pink Floyd and Iron Butterfly.

    In March of 2010 Pink Floyd set about to enforce their rights described in contract from abuses being carried out by EMI. Pink Floyd once again is setting new ground for other artist. Moreover, more and more artists are standing up to big business. We have to thank Pink Floyd and their management for their tenacity. Some of those abuses were copyright infringement and £ 10 million in royalties owed to the band.

    The BBC noted that

    Garth Brooks and AC/DC are among the others who have objected to their albums being split up.
    Peter Jenner, who managed Pink Floyd when they first signed with EMI in the 1960s, said releasing complete albums was important to the band.
    "Clearly in cases like the Floyd, there was a coherence in the content as an album," he told BBC 6 Music. "Tracks were dropped because they didn't fit in with the whole thing. I think that was quite common, especially in the 70s and 80s."
    Mr Jenner, now emeritus president of the International Music Managers' Forum, predicted that the ruling would be significant.
    "I think it will give the artists some ammunition to get the record companies to be a bit fairer with the royalty treatment they give artists for digital work."
    Paul Gorman stated in Music week

    In a ruling this afternoon, the court dismissed the appeal by EMI against the High Court judgement earlier this year that the group’s individual songs must not be sold without permission.

    In the latest stage in the dispute over an alleged £10m in unpaid royalties from sales between 2002 and 2007, lawyers acting on behalf of Pink Floyd argue that its 1999 contract with EMI required the label to sell its works only as albums, even in a digital context.

    This comes as a further knock to EMI’s stock this week, following reports in the financial press that Guy Hands has lost the confidence of key investors and is preparing

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  2. you last night

    I dreamed of you last night
    We were reclined and loosely entwined with my head upon your chest and your leg snug in my crotch.
    I glanced up when you chest reverberated a command and a laughter to those around us.
    I was mesmerized; it was like looking at me with a soul.
    Your eyes full of warm charm, not a glacier bolt demise.
    Your skin had a pink glow of aspiration, not the insipid gnash of pale fate.
    A recitalist came by and I was on the hunt; one more beating, one more run, just one little runt.
    Then your voice came from mine, a command;
    The command for her to remove her dowel from me.
    The sound of flesh closing in on a lesion echoed.
    I grabbed it from her hand and destroyed it with a stare.
    We reclined you placed your thigh snuggly in my crotch.
    The cast and crew changed. You smiled and I followed suit.

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  4. Title

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    One of the most offensive things about the industry is the fraudulent ways that are standard operating procedures (SOP). One of those SOP is the misinformation when giving written form to recited music. Such practices damage the public. It discourages the basic concept of reading and writing.

    We (err, rather, those of us who partake) have all been to a music store and picked up a catalog of songs and plainly saw (or was told by honest store associates) that the music written is not the songs as we know them to be recited.

    This discourages learning to read and write. Moreover, that discouragement is heartrending and wrong. I words are not enough to express the condemnation I have for the act. It is a fraudulent act. It is harmful to the public. It is shameful. It shunning it is not enough.

    Naysayers justify the act by saying, “It teaches people to know their instrument”. This is a fallacy. It only limits the dissemination of music.
    Enough on that, I think I have made it clear that the practice is one of the horrible atrocities of the industry.

    The notation presented today is the first music recitation I have written in 13 years.

    When I first sat to the piano after the medical event, I remembered it was a dear and close attendant moreover, I closely associated with it. However, I did not recall the nuances of the relation in which way I had used it to communicate to others what I could not say thoroughly enough in words. Though, I knew it well, it was foreign to me.
    I cried with the deepest sorrow for that small part of my soul, which was stricken from me.

    I am appreciative to the Dean for giving me the keys to the recital rooms as a professional courtesy. Though he never saw me again, he plucked from my bleeding brain one shard of my shattered mirrored memories. I bled profusely and since then, I have healed well.

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  5. Luke 12:3

    Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bogey Man - Male 61
    The Governments of the world cannot fight and win against what has been written above. They might as well reform.
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