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  1. Cartoon Spam Posts By Retards That Can't Discuss



    This fella Nickdfresh has issues, deleting posts and thinking I won't own his ass for it!
  2. Thanks for the answers and replies.

    I read them off line.
    Thanks for the information, too. I have researched it and found the administrative services for follow-up.

    One of the letters, deserves a quick response.
    ~It's all real life.~

    You can pay that debt with money, marriage, or materials.
    K' Thanks

    Respectfully to all,

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  3. Website Design / Forum Upgrade Timeline

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    Flick the switch Travis!

    Mezro...time to fire this thing up!...

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  4. That Time Of Year - Perseids Meteor Shower Coming Up Next Week

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
    I called the president of the local Astronomical Association, Mr. Bell. I did not ask if he was related.
    He describes it like this;

    The meteor shower path we are passing through is like passing through a river. Right now we are in the marsh. He stated SOME people are spotting meteors. He stated tomorrow we will “step into the river about 9pm” however; Perseids will not rise until about 11 pm. He stressed that this is navigation calculations; that the calculation could be off and if we cross the “river” later in the evening closer to when Perseids rises that more showers would be seen. He shared with me that Perseids rises in the NE and that I should point my camera in that direction.

    I understood that very well. I was very excited to go shoot some shots. He also instructed me on how to “get” the shots like the one on this page that he directed me to.

    Insert link

    I assume you know how hardrock. If not, let me know and I will slip you notes.

    Now for my adventure this evening; Oh my goodness!

    I thought what I saw yesterday was disturbing and well it was, but it was nothing compared to this adventure. I research and looked up some of the best spots and I am glad I did. Had I gone on my uneducated thoughts I would have headed right into light pollution.

    However, maybe, places are not populated for a reason.

    So, I traveled about an hour to get to a dark zone. This was one of the spookiest things I have ever remember doing.

    On the way over it is great. Super music and open freeway. I turn off the exit and follow my GPS until my coordinates. I arrive to Adrian GA. There is too much light pollution for my planned shot. And I thought that might be the case, so I start heading out I go north first heading to Kite. Kite is an unusual name, I reconded (sic) that this was a trail of messages at one point of time.

    Mr. Bell

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  5. That Time Of Year - Perseids Meteor Shower Coming Up Next Week

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardrock69 View Post
    Well, the peak is next week. Wednesday night thru Friday morning.
    Though you should be able to see occasional meteors now, and for a week or two after the peak.

    Also, something I never knew before, there are two other weaker meteor showers that occur during this time frame as well.

    I will be sitting outside (if it is clear) with my Nikon and my tripod, doing time-exposures, trying to catch some good pics. I like to shoot meteors and rock bands with my Nikon.

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