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  1. Pressure released.

    by , 09-14-2011 at 11:08 PM (The Journey Back to Oxygen.)
    One year.

    What can that do to a person?

    Trauma. Unlooked for help. Pressure. Exchange.

    Sounds like breathing to me.

    Hope you all breathe well another year.

  2. This For All Of You Who Are Selling Your Music On The Net - Current Info....

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    This was published in the Nashville Scene this week (the equivalent of LA Weekly, or any other weekly metro entertainment society mag).

    A very complete and informative article on the current websites that sell music, with mini-profiles of several of on and others. So if you are selling your tunes on the net, check it out:
  3. Poser Busted on FB!!

    It looks like Julie Gilmer is at it again. Posing as David Roth this time on FB (profile pic of him in sunglasses) Pretty much had her admit to me once I called her on it. She states "I don't have anything to lose by doing this". She is making DLR look like a douche. I can't imagine being such a freak as to pose as someone else...So many think it's him...Sad...
  4. In Praise of David Lee Roth

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    Buy his book, "Crazy From The Heat"

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  5. Meteor Shower Alert

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    If you have a clear sky tonight, go outside, kickback in a lawn chair, and watch the sky for a couple of hours. Only negative is that the moon is going to be pretty bright, and you will only be able to see the very brightest meteors. Moon sets later on though, so if you want, get up early about an hour or 2 before sunrise (yeah, right haha) for your best shot.

    For more details read the article:
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