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  1. Meteor Shower Alert

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    If you have a clear sky tonight, go outside, kickback in a lawn chair, and watch the sky for a couple of hours. Only negative is that the moon is going to be pretty bright, and you will only be able to see the very brightest meteors. Moon sets later on though, so if you want, get up early about an hour or 2 before sunrise (yeah, right haha) for your best shot.

    For more details read the article:
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  2. London's Burning and opportunity

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    We all must look on the bright side and see the opportunities provided by this manufactured disaster.
    Take for example the loss of the Sony warehouse. They may have lost their warehouse, but they are going to do something nice for the victim of that infamous mugging.

    Sony has pledged to replace a PSP stolen from a mugging victim during the London riots.
    Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq had his jaw broken when rioters stole his bike.

    Whilst lying in a bloody heap on the floor in Barking, East London, a camera operator caught him being helped on to his feet by a seemingly well-intention group, who then proceeded to break into his backpack and loot the contents. A representative said: "If we can find out how to get it to him we'll replace the PSP."

    This is truly generous considering Sony will be having pony up contracts, right off the bat before insurance pays them to cover their cost.

    Nevertheless, even beyond the litigation, which will ensue from their warehouse being burnt down with business expecting orders and livelihoods effected by their inability to live up to contracts, is the opportunity. The opportunity for businesses to step in and fill the void left behind by Sony’s eggs smashing. This is not a big loss for Sony. Sony is a big company. It is an opportunity for independent labels to become even more independent, striving, and distinctive with stronger roots in the music we all love.

    Smoke continues to rise from a Sony Warehouse, which was destroyed by arsonists in Enfield in north London August 9, 2011 - Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

    One hapless soul, Sean Michaels, still seemed to be in shock when he wrote, “ The problem is this: without the distributors delivering CDs to retailers,
  3. Very admireable

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    to read that our Diamond Dave is training to bring injured military men onto helicoptors . It's so cool that he's been an EMT all this time in lower Manhattan. I played an EMT as an extra in a movie comming out called Abduction with that dude from Twilight and Lily Collins, Phil Collins daughter from the group Genesis. I was just happy to fit into the uniform!....I loved the pants, they were a navy blue strong wool material....I wish I had a pair just to wear to church or anywhere. They'd be great in the winter.....I'd love to see a photo of Dave in uniform......He's a hell of a guy! What a combo, Rock Star/EMT....You gotta love him! Maybe he can assist me in exorcisms someday.....That's what I want to do when I grow up. Especially since none of my Catholic priests seem to have any interest in it. I said to my priest/rock star; "Is that all your guys do is sit around and play Little Guitars"? He was like Van Halen and I said "Yea" then I went on and on about David Lee Roth and it turns out he went to the reunion concert too! Maybe he can come with me and Cathy this time and I'll practice an exocism on him! All I know is that 50% of the population has possession and I'd like to help them. I know I fought it for 5 years. Sometimes ya gotta go through hell before ya get to heaven! Look out Beezlebub...I'm comming to get ya at a theater near you! Wait, Gene Simmons would be a good assistant huh?
  4. Dear David,

    We Are Ready ...
  5. Dave - July 3, 1988 - Biloxi, MS

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    I may or may not have posted these before from an older computer...but I re-scanned them and cleaned them up today. These are from the tour stop in Biloxi, MS on the "Skyscraper" tour on July 3, 1988 with Poison opening. Enjoy the photos...

    Thanks for the thought ALMOSTsaved! Wishes to you!