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  1. Dear David,

    We Are Ready ...
  2. Dave - July 3, 1988 - Biloxi, MS

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    I may or may not have posted these before from an older computer...but I re-scanned them and cleaned them up today. These are from the tour stop in Biloxi, MS on the "Skyscraper" tour on July 3, 1988 with Poison opening. Enjoy the photos...

    Thanks for the thought ALMOSTsaved! Wishes to you!
  3. Original script of banter between David Lee Roth and producer Ted Templeton on Van Ha

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    He's got some funny posts.

    I love LA.
  4. VAN HALEN – Rare Live ’75 “I Live With Fools” Audio

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    TMD has obtained extremely rare concert audio of VAN HALEN performing “I Live With Fools” in Pasadena, California during April, 1975. The cut comes off the legendary rock act’s 1980 Women and Children First album (where its title was shortened to “Fools”. This VH recording is making its debut on YouTube.

    The listener will be treated to one of the earliest live assaults by the band that truly flipped the Rock n Roll world upside down and helped drive metal music into the minds and hearts of millions. You can hear a young, brash David Lee Roth explaining the tune’s origin to the crowd: “This is a song about living with your parents!”

    Listen to the historic audio HERE.

    (If this has been posted, I did look for it. If this goes in Boots, please move it. THX )
  5. What's John Sykes' best material ?

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    The Tygers should've stayed on the path of the Spellbound album. After that they got cheesier and cheesier...Jess Cox was kinda lame. I thought Deverill was a great singer with his own sound. Too bad he gave up R&R.....

    That's true, but the album after Spellbound, title "Crazy Nights" wasn't bad but after that one it wasn't heavy anymore!!
    They're still doing concerts with only one original member but it's .....................................( over?)

    "Where have all the good times gone!????"