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  1. The Roth Army All Star Band Jams thread..

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    This is where we'll put it all together. We have the concept, now it's finally time to make it happen.
    There's a lot of talented members here and it's time we had some fun with this. Once the grooves,keys and delegation of parts are agreed on, we'll need some basic rules.

    1. Once a basic drum track has been laid down and passed around, it's entire length cannot be altered. Reason: to keep the count in preserved and it will make it easier to sync to when loading and aligning the track/s into each of our recording stations to play along (As we all tend to use different DAW's). Same goes for any other instruments or vocals...

    2. All tracks to be recorded @ 24 bit/ 44.100 sample rate.

    3. All tracks should be recorded dry. VST's should only be added @ the mixing stage> of course myself and Jay will be adding cabinets in post tracking via Recabinet. ( The Recabinet option will be available to anyone who opts to go direct with their guitar or bass tracking).

    Well that's a start. I'm sure we'll add rules as along the way...

    As for "producer/mixer/mastering guy", I will throw my hat in the ring . I have my own studio running Nuendo 2 (upgrading to N4 very soon) and I have the time to put in to dedicate to the cause... (Jus' sayin')

  2. Puppies and Suicide.

    by , 05-07-2011 at 11:14 PM (The Journey Back to Oxygen.)
    Early today my roommate and I found a puppy washed up on our shore. It was abandoned "kit and caboodle" replete with a ziplock of dog biscuits and 3 carpet cleaners and a piss pad right under a bush across the street.

    He had been looking for a dog...specifically a puppy, for years. He has two cats and was always worried that the cats would freak. Well when he came up the steps this morning I said "It is fate Joey".

    Later today, we found out his son committed suicided last night.

    RIP "Buddy".
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  3. Dark, dark days...

    Winter is over,
    Well into Spring,
    yet the days are dark and cold....

    am beginning to fear that I will never again see the sun .

    occasional flashes of light appear to give hope,

    kharma is indeeed a bitch.....

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  4. Easy A

    by , 04-30-2011 at 11:03 AM (The Journey Back to Oxygen.)

    You ever try and provide a bit of fun for those around you and it then becomes all about them?

    I mean it is: And it isn't. Fun is supposed to be a shared experience. Fun all by yourself is rote......sharing the fun is more creative. But as they catch you in your tricks and your lies...they become overwhelmed by the experience and take it out on you. The best people I have experienced stick with you and share the fun.

    So. When a child has too much fun....we say....sit down. Stop throwing the frisbee and just sit down by momma for a bit. We wipe the snot off their nose....we say "look at the fire".....supper will be soon.

    I once made this exquisite broken wine glass for a woman I wanted to experience. I broke it so it was jagged in the perfect way....put a rose in it....photographed it in black and white and did a 6"by 8" glossy. I "obtained" access to her room in her dorm. I laid out a full picnic blanket indoors.

    Placed the picnic basket and and the broken wine glass on it with the picture in black and white against it.....put a fresh rose in the glass....and gave her the way to contact me.

    It was a beautiful evening. No past. No future. No recriminations. No Anger. Just a fool's paradise.

    What happened to those days?

    I am sending a message in a bottle.

    You just got to laugh.
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  5. Feds to remotely delete Coreflood from infected PCs

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    In an unusual move, federal authorities will be contacting computer users with systems infected by the Coreflood botnet Trojan and asking them to agree to allow them to send commands to the malware so it will delete itself. The move comes in the in the wake of a coordinated takedown earlier this month by the FBI and other authorities, in which the U.S. government essentially substituted its own command-and-control servers in place of those used by Coreflood and issued commands telling the program to shut down on infected PCs. The move reduced activity from the Coreflood botnet by about 90 percent in the United States and by nearly 75 percent worldwide. However, infected PCs still have dormant Coreflood software on them, and the feds would like to get rid of it.

    A U.S. District Judge approved the Department of Justice’s request for a preliminary injunction that authorizes the action, giving authorities until May 25 to contact owners of systems infected by Coreflood and obtain consent to remotely remove it from their machines. However, the DOJ actually argued it didn’t need a judge’s permission to move on its deletion campaign, since it will be seeking written consent from owners of infected systems before going through with the deletion.

    Based upon technical evaluation and testing, the Government assesses that the command sent to the Coreflood software to stop running will not cause any damage to the victim computers on which the Coreflood software is present, nor will it allow the Government to examine or copy the contents of the victim computers in any fashion.

    Federal authorities have not specified how many machines it has identified as candidates for a remote wipe of Coreflood. Industry estimates of the size of the Coreflood botnet at the time of its takedown were between 2 million and 2.5 million systems.
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