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  1. Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia; Take care Elder Mubarak

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    Praise be unto God!

    I grab my breast to assure I am here, then a mighty and vigorous titty shake!
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  2. Van Halen planning Australian tour?

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    From Blabbermouth:

    According to Australia's long-running rock station Triple M, VAN HALEN is locking in dates for an Australian tour to support a new album that should be out by August this year.

    "VAN HALEN dates are getting locked in. They'll be here with David Lee Roth," Triple M music reporter Nui Te Koha announced this morning on Triple M Melbourne's "Hot Breakfast", "VAN HALEN representatives were here with THE EAGLES during THE EAGLES tour in December."

    He added: "They're recording a new album at the moment. [Guitarist] Eddie Van Halen says he doesn't want to do any shows until there is new material. And that new material should be out by August."

    Former VAN HALEN bassist Michael Anthony told ABC News Radio that he's "looking forward" to hearing the band's new album, which is currently being recorded and will feature original singer David Lee Roth behind the mic for the first time in 27 years. Anthony said, "I'm looking forward to seeing what they'll do," adding that he has "no hard feelings" about being replaced by Eddie Van Halen's son, Wolfgang, in 2005.

    Anthony said he has not spoken to anyone in VAN HALEN since the end of the band's 2004 tour, which featured a reunion with singer Sammy Hagar after an eight-year split.

    Eddie Van Halen did not initially want Anthony playing on that trek either, but relented when Hagar insisted on it. The bass player was forced to take a pay cut and give up his rights to any future use of the VAN HALEN name. Anthony said, "The tour did not end as harmoniously as we would have liked it to."

    VAN HALEN staged a successful reunion tour with Roth in 2007 and 2008, with rumors of a new album persisting since then. The group began recording last month with producer John Shanks.

    VAN HALEN's last full album, "Van Halen III", came
  3. Lohan going to jail for 90 days!

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    I'll never understand peoples obsession with this broad, and what she does.

    If Alfred E. Neuman was a cokehead with tits, he'd look mysteriously like Lohan......
  4. Happy Valentines - 2011 The Love Package

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    Happy Valentines - 2011 The Love Package Click here to follow link

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  5. Where's Dave?

    Where's his Napolean hat at? I miss my dogs Napolean hat style ears......My dog was David lee Roth at his worst! He was a pitt-bull trapped in a pugs body. He survived 4 yrs. of grandmal seizures....24 hr. seizures with brain damage. Hospital stays, never died of the seizures...God is great indeed if you believe. Got all my wishes in the end, spent our last summer seizure free. Blew all the veternarians minds. Now I need Dave to save me the EMT that he is. Can I get some mouth to mouth? Cry wolf? Rough, rough...pant,pant....growl,growl...bite bite.