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  1. How long will it take

    for me to become a Sargent around here?:tongue0011:
  2. Lace me up!

    Lace me up!
    Grant me new year resolution!
    I will admit. I want to run naked!
    Naked as a jay bird, I love my nakedness! It is my sin I know. Nonetheless, I have learned you must have shoes.
    I want to run naked in the Amazon jungle! However, I cannot forgo shoes to do such sin.
    I am not a fashion diva. I am a sensible diva. In my lucid dream, I wear these shoes while braving the Amazon.

    And at some point I fuck someone while wearing these shoes.

    Oh these are hot and I think would make it through a tromp of the Amazon outback.

    However, those are not my style. I am Amazon! I want Amazon!
    I want THE shoe I will hunt until my resolution is nigh!
    In the mean time, maybe these will do!

    Ah no! these! Beg unto my soul let me run naked in these!
    That so reminds me of my polar plunge in the Antarctica.
    I so loved those boots provided by the NSA!
    Back to Georgia, and what I need here….

    Well really I want to imagine the nakedness in the desert.
    What would do for Death Valley?
    Well these would!

    You know outside of flippers, Ahhh naked in the sea, I do remember the times!
    Be I, 180 years old, I will dive into the sea again, God willing.
    Please tweet me,
    Join the shoestakes

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  3. Keep the Shoes

    Luxing me! Yes! Yes. Yes.. Luxing me!

    This is that shoe hunt. Day 443

    These shoes are NOT sensible. Actually walking in them will be optional.

    Wow! This is more difficult than I thought. I want decadent shoes!

    Cool a feature that lets only the 3” and above strappy heel be present.

    Yes, bring it to me machine!

    I am NOT satisfied!
    And I am the happy happy deity.
    Good but more, I want more debauchery for my sole to trod!

    Ohhh My. Yes this is dissolutely doable, a 3 inch heal rain boot. I shall tromp the mud bogs depraved!

    I keep slipping back to that loveliness of sensible .. Oh and these are so lovely. Yes, so lovely they are.
    To keep the self-indulgent theme, I will need a horse, and a cashmere blankets. I want to ride naked free to the wind!
    This one gets it. Oh yes, it does. Bind me tightly. Hobble me, they would. Who fetches my cart for me?
    Ah, the loveliness returns. A wonderful sensible shoe and all well that returns to the world.

    The nakedness of my sole is grand but these covers are so pleasant.
    Yes, cover me! My armor is leather! And my rags are lace!

    Oh though, the lick of glisten will do so well.
    Yet, the fine subtleness of a noble clad sole is a desire, truly, yes, truly. ...
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  4. Eddie goes on a binder in Miami!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze View Post
    Happy Birthday Eddie!

    It is rumored that Eddie went on a bender in Miami!

    Witnesses reported that he was seen with an entourage of beefy Cubans boarding a boat with a winch. Sometimes mumbling, sometimes ranting odd phrases like "He'll get the right depth of sound." Some witnesses were worried he was going to do something drastic; but that his entourage was so hot-looking the witnesses knew that his entourage would never let anything bad happen to anyone. The witnesses reported that he kept ranting about some "blonde-hair freak" and how he was "going to get that damn sound, just like that persnickety blonde Russian wanted." It was also reported that Eddie kept saying he wanted "his damn keys" that nothing was going to keep his keys from the Van Halen "sound"

    A U.S. Coast Guard boat passes near a grand piano on a sandbar in Biscayne Bay, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011 in Miami. The piano recently showed up on the sandbar, about 200 yards from condominiums on the shore. The piano, which weighs at least 650 pounds, was placed at the highest spot along the sandbar so it doesn't get underwater during high tide. While officials aren't sure how it got there, they know it won't be going anywhere unless it becomes a hazard to wildlife or boaters. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

    Happy B'day Eddie! Hope it was a dinger!
  5. Sensible Shoes

    New Year is here and gone. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about me. Who, what, where, when, why, and how of ME! What was that old song “ Don’t give up your basic need of ambiance and decadence? “ Or was that vanity? Oh Jeroosahats, I forget. Nevertheless, maybe some old daydreaming is in order. Shoe shopping… Mhhh, now that is a thought. Sensible shoes would be in order. Sensible shoes are boots.

    The descriptions are quite alluring

    Crossing jaunty pirate style with a sensible Wellington, the Merrell Tetra Launch Waterproof boot enhances your sense of adventure.

    Cherry Brown no less. Well it did not take me long to forget where that pair was, they weren’t really my style anyway…

    I do promise to not miss handle anyone’s well being with a pair of these.

    But these might come to order
    Such a pretty blue, but defiantly not sensible.

    These are getting closer to sensible …

    And well these are just adorable …

    I saw this one and I saw that one…

    Here was one that would really do.

    But I could not bring myself to wear a boot called a Clinton.

    So that concludes this hunt for that sensible shoe, err boots.

    They all were too tall, too short, over protection, under protected. OK. Not sour grapes here, I liked some, well quite a few. But goodness! Such flashiness for footwear! Scandalous, I tell you! Scandalous!

    All pictures appropriated from
    For ( ...

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