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  1. New Dave Video For His Sister's Rockabye Baby Collection, 11/11/11

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    I didn't believe it either when I saw the Google alert. But no shit, here is Dave in an ad for his sister's collection of VH covers for children. Apparently, this was uploaded to Youtube around 4:30 EST this afternoon.


  2. I created my facebook account today

    that place is boring!
  3. Tomorrow, we shall know if we die

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    March forward with head held high
    Bid your loved ones Adieu
    Give to your grace your best grüß Gott
    If alone kneel before thy Lord's throne

    Tend well your savored moments
    See with vision clear.
    Fear not the future
    for it is known.

    It shall be glory or it shall be worse.
    Leave today your final doggerel
    Scribbled upon anything handy

    We do cherish the last words of birth.

    With your sack full of desire
    Take your acclaim.
    That only the heavens will see.

    It was on this march
    The nobles accounted their legion.
    From the flicker of your eyes
    Your signs did read

    Tomorrow, we shall know if we die

    That is all.
  4. I saw a truck infected with an EVH virus today


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  5. Roth Army Excusive©®™- Dave Roth mentioned on new Steel Panther Release

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    On the new Steel Panther album, 'Balls Out', Dave gets a mention.

    On the track 'I Like Drugs' towards the end there is a skit with Panther singer Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz) being chased by the cops.

    Click Here for an exert!

    I'm guessing this was recorded before they were booked to tour the UK with Motley Crue in December...

    Ralph was of course formally the singer of infamous Van Halen tribute band, and Roth solo musician feeder tank, The Atomic Punks.

    The extraordinary new Panther album, 'Balls Out' is due for release in the US on November 1st, slightly earlier in the UK and Japan.

    More info on them here and we have a thread Here