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  1. What's John Sykes' best material ?

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    The Tygers should've stayed on the path of the Spellbound album. After that they got cheesier and cheesier...Jess Cox was kinda lame. I thought Deverill was a great singer with his own sound. Too bad he gave up R&R.....

    That's true, but the album after Spellbound, title "Crazy Nights" wasn't bad but after that one it wasn't heavy anymore!!
    They're still doing concerts with only one original member but it's .....................................( over?)

    "Where have all the good times gone!????"
  2. Van Halen - Live at the Soundwave Revolution - Australia 2011

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    The Soundwave Revolution full line up has finally been announced after just over 8 weeks of twittering, teasing and tempting us with over 50 band announcements. Phew.

    It has been announced that Van Halen one of the biggest selling rock artists will be headliners for the festival along with Alice Cooper, Hole, Sisters Of Mercy, Danzig, Kevin Devine, Bad Religion, Machine Head, Alter Bridge.

    The festival will be held in late September in the same capital cities as Soundwave 2011 Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and after some struggles with the date, Perth.

    Brisbane, 24th September 2011
    Sydney, 25th September 2011
    Melbourne, 30th September 2011
    Adelaide, 1st October 2011
    Perth, 3rd October 2011

    The Line-up:

    Van Halen

    Main Stage 1
    Alice Cooper
    Bad Religion
    Alter Bridge
    All Time Low
    Steel Panther
  3. Footage of Cato playing Mini Les Paul

    it's not easy to play this well

  4. Untitled

    I am so providential
    I do not have to cry.
    When the brow first furrow
    The light rains commence.
    Then comes the sideways rains
    Praise, praise rifts the chants.
    Who not know your suffering saves.
    Love is left bound.
    Girded like a small slave child.
    As the wind moves to the with a hailing wail
    Picking up speed of a misplaced gale
    Prayer that tears not suffer a soul
    Praise has said our crops be fed.
  5. What If The Bible Is Really True? Parts 1 & 2

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    She wants to travel to Rome to do it on the dome.
    She is going to call St. Peter, St. Peter
    Then he is going to eat 'er
    The pope will go ballistic.
    When the Eagle lands.
    Oh Michael Michael, the poor pope says
    Lord have mercy ole Michael is dead.

    Then then she is going to the dome.
    Lord Lord the papal guards
    There with the rapier penetrated.
    Into the lung to take the breath away.

    Blood on the dome
    Lord come home.

    Oberst Ordered.
    Pull your baton
    bludgeon him!
    Bludgeon him!

    As they drown in the holy see.
    It was always meant to be.
    There is no nature here.
    Mother Mary, Mother Mary.
    Oh where was
    Oh where was

    Come with me, my love.
    Let us swim in the deep Holy See
    It is our destiny.

    To this man she doth honor
    To this man she doth honor
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