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  1. Strategy! - Libya Edition

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    The Maps:

    Describe the Revolutionary Forces:
    1. Leader/s:
    A. Strengths -
    B. Weaknesses -
    2. Organization:
    A. Strengths -
    B. Weaknesses -
    3. Armaments (Physical and perceived):
    A. Strengths -
    B. Weaknesses -

    Describe the Gaddafi Regime:
    1. Leader/s:
    A. Strengths -
    B. Weaknesses -
    2. Organization:
    A. Strengths -
    B. Weaknesses -
    3. Armaments (Physical and perceived):
    A. Strengths -
    B. Weaknesses -

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  2. A Conversation with Steve Vai

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    Mike Ragogna: Steve, you and Berklee are trying to set a record in Guinness by attempting to teach as many guitarists online as possible within a single lesson. How're you going to pull that off?

    Steve Vai: Well, believe it or not, I don't do drugs. (laughs) I don't know how it came about, it's more or less for the promotion of the online class that's being taught at Berklee. When I graduated from high school, I went to the Berklee College of Music, I really enjoyed it. Through the years, I've been in contact with them on various things. They kicked off these online music lessons for virtually anything, you can go to Berklee and take these classes on all sorts of things about music. They are really great because you can be anywhere in the world--you sign in, the classes hold twenty people and have an instructor. It's very interactive...they wanted to develop these classes that were more specific to the techniques of artists. So, they approached me and I liked the idea because I always like teaching, I'm also a big proponent of music education.

    I went to Boston and recorded an entire day of videos based on my experiences and the things I think are important. The way I approach teaching is more esoterically. So, they chopped all up and created these classes, it's over one semester, you can sign up and there is an instructor and they watch a video of me and they discuss it and they talk about the things I talk about. Once a semester, I go online and participate in the class and do a Q&A. They launched this in September and it did wildly well. In order to promote the class, the marketing geniuses came up with this idea, "Hey let's get Steve to create the biggest online live guitar lesson in history."

    My first question was, "Did anybody ever do this before and is there actually a record?" You can make a record for anything,
  3. The FORD Country Dance Party Remix thread

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    Congrats to Trent Reznor on the Oscar win.

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  4. Jake Cinninger channels David Lee Roth

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    Umphrey's McGee's Jake Cinninger warms up in the studio by running some classic David Lee Roth sound bites.

    Youtube - Sound Caresser

    Click to listen to Umphrey's McGee

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  5. Meryy Huppy, Cheers! Saint Patrick!

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    Maybe this will be the year the Pope canonizes you!

    For this season’s March 17th

    Off to the brooks for some frolicking in nature!

    Link to Free Download.

    1. Cathedral Bells Ruben Romero 3:27
    2. Cumberland Celts New Age Gaelic Strings 4:38
    3. O Mio Babbino Musette 3:24
    4. She Steps Lightly Ben Tavera King 3:23
    5. Amazing Grace New Age Gaelic Strings 3:48
    6. Habanera Musette 3:00
    7. Romance Antiguo Ben Tavera King 2:15
    8. Cactus Blossom Ben Tavera King 4:06
    9. Gymnopedies Ruben Romero 3:03
    10. Jane's Toye Jig Ben Tavera King 4:32
    11. Romance Anonimo Terry Muska 2:45
    12. Shall We Gather New Age Gaelic Strings 2:34
    13. Mozart's Magic Flute Ruben Romero 6:47
    14. Adelita Frank Corrales

    Various Artists | Format: MP3 Download
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    Original Release Date: January 21, 2011
    Format - Music: MP3
    Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

    Artist: Burmashkin Yevgeniy
    Artist info: Biography
    Personal gallery: With small images
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    Title: 'Gentle Murmur of a Brook'
    Media: Canvas, oil
    Size: 80x100 cm / 31.5x39.4 in
    Year of creation: 2004
    Status: Sold
    Date of sale: 17 Apr 2007
    Artist - Burmashkin Yevgeniy

    Emily Dickinson (1830–86). Complete Poems. 1924.

    Part Three: Love


    HAVE you got a brook in your little heart,
    Where bashful flowers blow,
    And blushing birds go down to drink,