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  1. Twitter

    I created an account on twitter today.
    I browsed other people's comments over there for a while and found that place was not worth creating an account. totally boring.
  2. Ridiculous.

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    Without scientists how would we do this?

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  3. The Statesboro Revue - "Red Headed Woman"

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  4. Test

    I think this guy is an idiot.

    would you agree with me?
  5. Website Progress!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
    Dear Roth Army,
    We are making progress. Here is a list of changes.

    Upgraded to vbulletin 4.0
    Upgraded the photopost image gallery (They are on a beta version that needs some work. I am going to have to upgrade later.
    Upgraded the blogs, which caused us to lose all the old blog entries. (Sorry)
    Skinned the forum to a more pleasing color. If you don't like the current version, my apologies. It is much better than the blue and purple we had for the last 1.5 years. Before that we were offline for 9 months. This is the best the place has looked since 2007.

    Installed these plugins:
    1. AMP Auto Tagger 1.0.1 Automatically Tags Threads with Titles
    2. Everywhere Sidebar 1.1.4 This mod will show the sidebar everywhere in the forum if the sidebar is enabled by the administrator (I disabled this on showthread.php because it was too busy looking)
    3. Replace the vBulletin Default Quick Reply and Edit With Full Quick reply And Edit Box With Smilies.
    4. Post Thank You Hack
    5. Member number under avatar.
    6. Custom title under avatar.
    7. Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
    8. Auto Reply in the fan intro forum by Sarge's Little Helper
    9. Paypal donate system / donor tags
    10. Top posters of the month/year
    11. View your threads and posts (look in the navigation bar)
    12. Top posters of the month/year
    13. View donations
    14. The view new posts that updates every 15 seconds (look upper left navigation bar)
    15. Arcade

    Mezro and Melton will turn over a new forum design and a developer will skin the forums.
    A return of the rest of the main website to include interviews, biography, lyrics, etc
    I am thinking about installing