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  • The Diamond David Lee Roth Army

    Nobody rules these streets at night but us! Join our growing legion of fans dedicated to honoring the Commander in Chief of  Rock n' Roll - David Lee Roth.
  • Roth Army Shakeup / Ownership Transition


    There will a shakeup here at ROTHARMY of monumental proportions. Va Beach VH Fan has decided not take over a new owner. It was his decision. This comes as a shock to me as well.
    Taking the helm now will be Seshmeister, member #11 and a long time Roth/Halen fan. You are in good hands.
    Effective immediately he is the new owner, and we are currently transferring domains and content over to his ownership.
    The shakeup I mentioned will be done to hand over the website to Sesh. I think it's in the best interest of the website for long term growth. I simply cannot dedicate the time that this website takes.
    I am going to officially wipe the slate clean so that he can hire his own team. This is not a slap to the face to the current moderator team that helped build this website into what it is and was.
    I totally respect the sacrifices of everyone involved. This is meant to give Sesh a clean slate and not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

    I owned and founded this website for 14 years. It is time for someone else to take this in a new direction.


    Modified message below:

    After 14 years of being the site founder, owner and administrator I am turning over the reins.
    This has been a life changing experience. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting David Lee Roth several times and all the band members.
    The Diamond David Lee Roth Army was something that I believed in! Something that I thought was important and necessary!
    This is the HOUSE THAT ROTH BUILT! The Diamond David Lee Roth Army. Meant to Celebrate Classic Van Halen and David Lee Roth. We have a rich history that should be celebrated.
    This website was founded for 4 reasons.

    1. The year was 1999 (we actually started in 1998 without a domain name ) and most Dave fans were still reeling from the mistreatment and general duping of the fans due to the fallout from the MTV reunion and Greatest Hits Album. I strongly felt that Diamond Dave needed a mouthpiece for his fans to voice their discontent.

    2. I wanted to celebrate the supreme importance of David Lee Roth's accomplishments in Van Halen. I wanted to celebrate the solo career of Diamond Dave. Some of Dave's solo releases are my favorite, besting a few Classic Van Halen Records. Additionally, I was disgusted by the lies that were being spread by Sammy Hagar and wanted to generally give him a beating on the internet.

    3. This website was meant to rally fans for a Classic Van Halen Reunion. We were relentless and successful.

    4. Those that know anything about me, know that I champion free speech. This website was founded on the principles of free speech with a reckless abandonment of politically correctness. If you walk around with a stick up your ass, this isn't your website.

    Many personal changes have happened in my personal life since the inception of ROTHARMY.COM fourteen years ago. I was 27 years old and an active duty U.S. Army Sergeant. I am now a field grade officer (MAJOR) with four children and several combat tours under my belt. Fourteen years is a long time to run a website.

    Effective immediately I am turning over the website to a Seshmeister.
    Seshmeister is now the new owner of RothArmy.com and gets the keys to the Roth Army World Headquarters, domain names, files and content.

    This is a great move for the website, which I think is best for the long term survival of the David Lee Roth Army.
    My military career is very time consuming and I no longer have the time it takes to administer a website of this size.
    This is not a goodbye thread. I am still in the car. Seshmeister is the driver, I am simply sitting in the backseat. I will be doing some things behind the scenes, posting and helping with administration when I am asked.

    I would like to thank those who have supported me and this website over the years. It has brought me much joy and a sense of pride. I have made many personal relationships that will last a lifetime through this website.
    I never expected any adulation or thanks for anything I did, because this was something I believed strongly in.
    Good luck to Seshmeister and those on his team.
    Thank you to all!


    MEMBER #1 / Website Founder.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Roth Army Shakeup / Ownership Transition started by Sarge View original post
    Comments 212 Comments
    1. Zing!'s Avatar
      Zing! -
      Sesh? WTF?

      I keed, I keed. Good luck Sesh - you're gonna need it! And thanks again Sarge - always a class act.

    1. envy_me's Avatar
      envy_me -
      Congratulations, Sesh
    1. DONNIEP's Avatar
      DONNIEP -
      I think we all knew Sesh was gonna be the one.

      Congrats Sesh! I know you'll do a great job!
    1. ZahZoo's Avatar
      ZahZoo -
      Congrats Sesh!!

      This does confirm the rumors that you are now without a doubt a bit on the crazy side!!
    1. Sarge's Avatar
      Sarge -
      I just wanted to say thanks to the moderator team. I did not mean to hurt anyone's feelings. This needed to be done for new ownership.


    1. twonabomber's Avatar
      twonabomber -
      Congrats Sesh!
    1. WARF's Avatar
      WARF -
      Congrats to Sesh, and thanks again Sarge for all the wonderful times!
    1. Momshell's Avatar
      Momshell -
      Congrats Sesh and thank you Sarge for everything!
    1. envy_me's Avatar
      envy_me -
      Army moves to Europe
    1. TFM_Dale's Avatar
      TFM_Dale -
      A soccer fan? Oh no! Lol, thanks for everything Sarge and best of luck to Sesh.
    1. Coyote's Avatar
      Coyote -
      Congrats Sesh, ya filthy Scottish bastard!
    1. jhale667's Avatar
      jhale667 -
      Congrats, Sesh!
    1. ThrillsNSpills's Avatar
      ThrillsNSpills -
      Cheers Sesh, Congrats
    1. Light Em' Up!'s Avatar
      Light Em' Up! -
      Congratulations Sesh!
    1. Northern Girl's Avatar
      Northern Girl -
      Don't be a stranger, Sarge! I'd like to hear your best stories about meeting Dave sometime!
    1. Little Texan's Avatar
      Little Texan -
      This is awesome news! The Army is in great hands, and I know you will do an outstanding job, Sesh! Congratulations!
    1. vandeleur's Avatar
      vandeleur -
      Congratulations Sesh ... And thanks again sarge .
    1. VHscraps's Avatar
      VHscraps -
      Good on you, Sesh. I think it deserves an announcement at the next Thistle home game ...

      Do the team still run on to the theme song from The Banana Splits!?
    1. Northern Girl's Avatar
      Northern Girl -
      No mods...no rules...let's run amuck while we can!
    1. Dave's Bitch's Avatar
      Dave's Bitch -
      Congratulations Sesh