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  • John 5 has 12 songs in the can with Dave

    John 5 has 12 songs in the can with Dave

    Guitarist John 5(who appeared on the DLR Band album as John Lowery) was on the podcast of portly Sammy Hagar fanboy Eddie Trunk last week and mentioned again the recordings he has done with Dave.


    ET: How do you get on the DLR Band record?

    J5:We did that record so quickly!

    Talk about luck. I was sitting at my friend Roger Carter's house who plays drums on my new instrumental record and I looked at his books and there was Crazy From The Heat, Daves book. I thought, 'I wonder what Dave's doing?'. At the time I was sleeping on someones couch and doing nothing apart from playing guitar. I thought ok I'm going to call Dave's management and ask if he's looking for any songs and say that my name is John Lowery and they said 'Sure you can send some'.

    So I went into the studio and did my best work and they really liked it. They kept asking for more and more and more music but I couldn't afford[to record] it so they said ok go to Dave's house and this was insane because even back then a lot of people don't get to meet David Lee Roth. You don't see Dave out he was just untouchable. So I went to his huge house where Van Halen rehearsed when they were kids, and they did all those photo sessions and Pretty Woman video and I knew all this stuff and there's the house and I rang the door buzzer and he let me in and there he was.
    He just said 'I want to make a record' and that's how it all came about and it was really luck.

    We have stayed friends for this whole time and whenever I'm in town and he's in town he invites me over and says let's write some songs and we have a collection of a bunch of new songs that we wrote over time just going to his house and having burritos and stuff like that and we have twelve or something songs. Maybe it will see the light of day, maybe I'll come on your show and play it over the air but it's really great stuff.

    ET: So you have a record essentially in the can with him?

    J5:Yes but we just do it for fun you know, but we'll go into Henson studios, A&M, big studios and record these professionally and Gregg Bissonette is playing drums on stuff, it's great great stuff. I'll come in one time when I'm in New York and play you a couple of songs, I'll check with Dave first of course.

    ET: Yeah I'm sure you should but do you have any idea what that camp is doing?

    J5:I don't but whatever they're doing, hopefully they are writing a new record or something like that and I know it's going to be slammin man and I really loved the last record.

    ET: I did too

    J5:I thought it was incredible and I know whatever they do they will hit a home run.

    ET: Give me your favorite story working with Roth if you can share a classic Roth story

    J5: We were doing a photo shoot, and you know I loved Van Halen back in the day, and he would do these photo shoots and he would have the little people around and the two girl bodyguards and all this wacky stuff. This was just at his house, the Panama car was there and we were just doing all these crazy things and it was just incredible because that's how I visualized Dave when I was a kid growing up and when I got my chance to do a photo shoot with him that's exactly what it was. It was just like going to the Wizard of Oz and it was just the exact same as what you had in your head.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: John 5 has 12 songs in the can with Dave started by Seshmeister View original post
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