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  • David Lee Roth - Cruel Obsession / Kill The Guy (Unreleased songs)

    Here's 6 unreleased David Lee Roth tunes.
    The final two I have never heard before.

    00:10 Mississippi Power
    05:22 Private Parts
    09:22 Crosstown Traffic
    12:09 Shine The Light
    15:45 Cruel Obsession
    19:33 Kill The Guy
    This article was originally published in forum thread: David Lee Roth - Cruel Obsession / Kill The Guy (Unreleased songs) started by WARF View original post
    Comments 4 Comments
    1. WARF's Avatar
      WARF -
      Thanks Sesh or Von or whoever put this on the front page.

      I made the front page three times this month!

      I'm happy everyone likes these tunes.....
    1. WARF's Avatar
      WARF -
      rumpity bump bump
    1. twonabomber's Avatar
      twonabomber -
      I liked Cruel Obsession better than Kill The Guy. I left the room during Kill The Guy, it was that unremarkable.

      Private Parts sounds odd with all the Stern-specific lines in it, but Tight is one of my favorites from DLR Band.

      It's kind of like being a Prince fan, and hearing about all these unreleased songs, and then finally hearing them...sometime you figure out why they are unreleased.
    1. Seshmeister's Avatar
      Seshmeister -
      Yeah although I think Prince is a bit more prolific 42 albums to Dave's 13.