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  • Transcript Of Live Chat With Author of Van Halen Rising Greg Renoff

    (21:07:31) BearlyDoug: Hot damn, Greg! Glad you made it!
    (21:08:10) Sesh: Apparently there was some problem with the blowers
    (21:08:37) GregRenoff: Ha! Goddam blowers.
    (21:09:35) Von_Halen: Better late than never
    (21:10:11) GregRenoff: Let's get the show on the road.
    (21:11:44) GregRenoff: I was just quoting VH lyrics for effect.
    (21:12:00) Von_Halen: LOL
    (21:15:44) GregRenoff: Clidk Here For Terry Kilgore Video From Book Party
    (21:15:54) GregRenoff: TERRY FUCKING KILGORE
    (21:19:31) Sesh: Thanks for coming and congratulations on the book
    (21:19:39) Von_Halen: You are our virgin Greg
    (21:20:10) GregRenoff: Thanks - been a fun ride last few weeks. Thank you guys for embracing it.
    (21:20:32) Von_Halen: Truly a great read.
    (21:20:48) Sesh: We are doing this as a dual chat - anyone can post questions on the bottom of the screen and we'll do the main conversation in the top box
    (21:21:45) GregRenoff: I'll answer as they come in ...
    (21:22:47) Sesh: Hey we're only 20 minutes late which is good by Axl Rose time
    (21:23:04) Von_Halen: Who is Axl Rose?
    (21:24:15) BearlyDoug: Some wannabe, I guess
    (21:24:38) GregRenoff: Von, thanks again for getting a copy in Ray's hands.
    (21:25:02) Sesh: Ray is as big a CVH fan as any of us.
    (21:25:03) Von_Halen: No problem. He likes it, and liked the video you sent!
    (21:25:21) GregRenoff: Terry is a trip. He must have laughed when TK imitated him.
    (21:25:52) Von_Halen: He thought it was funny as hell.
    (21:26:20) GregRenoff: Terry said he was fantastic, and trust me, TK does not hand out compliments for fun.
    (21:26:45) Von_Halen: Ray is awesome
    (21:30:47) Sesh: Ok can I start with an obvious question, how long did this take you to do Greg it looks like a labor of love?
    (21:31:43) GregRenoff: Started in 09. Did an interview with the guy who owned the Rock Corp in Van Nuys - place that did the Wet-t shirt contests.
    (21:32:35) Von_Halen: How did you get so much detailed info about the backyard parties?
    (21:34:25) GregRenoff: Once I started doing research - speaking to people from Pasadena, they'd all talk about a few parties in general - the Van Furche March 1974 party being one of them. I tracked him down and then he gave me more ppl to talk to and it was just ask each person at the end our interview - who else should I talk to?
    (21:34:42) cadaverdog: I haven't read the book but I'm curious to find out if Greg is a So Cal native.
    (21:35:15) GregRenoff: No - grew up in New Jersey.
    (21:36:38) Sesh: In recent years people in Dave's solo band have had to sign non disclosure contracts, was that an issue you ran into?
    (21:38:32) GregRenoff: Hmm, I don't know if anyone was stopped by an NDA. Angelus talked, Anthony talked, Landee, etc. Rudy wouldn't do an interview, but who knows what his reasoning was. I met him this past Saturday in Pasadena and chatted for a few min.
    (21:40:48) Von_Halen: Did you talk to Big Ed?
    (21:41:24) GregRenoff: No. But to the best of my knowledge he didn't start working for Dave until 1980 or so. Book wraps up in late 78.
    (21:42:04) Von_Halen: I know, I just thought maybe for reference. But I guess it would be second hand info at that point.
    (21:43:07) DONNIEP: The book's cover design reminds me a lot of a kick ass VHS sleeve from the 80s. Was that intentional or just a coincidence?
    (21:44:00) GregRenoff: You'd have to ask VAiN that question. That was all him - I just gave him general feedback. He did an awesome job and was great to work with.
    (21:47:24) Sesh: A more general question - you say that the Van Halen's at least initially thought Roth was a jerk. They had many naysayers over the years, why do you think think they stuck it out from 1973-77 without splitting?
    (21:49:24) GregRenoff: I think the Van Halen brothers knew that Roth brought showmanship and girls to the table. He also was a great talker - let's face it, he had a vision and could hammer that home to them. I think later on, TBH, whatever frictions occurred could be mitigated at least a bit by the fact that Roth's mansion was an awesome place to practice. They could do so anytime.
    (21:50:01) GregRenoff: my point is that DLR as a package brought more than just blonde hair and a voice.
    (21:47:39) cadaverdog: The book ends in late 78. Any mention of bad blood between Roth and Hagar in L A at the VH, Black Sabbath, Hagar And Boston concert?
    (21:50:49) GregRenoff: Von - I didn't hear about tension at that show - but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.
    (21:49:02) Va Beach VH Fan: Greg, I know you haven't decided on a follow-up to VHR. I know a lot of that depends on DLR/AVH/EVH input. But assuming you do get some of their input, do you think that follow-up would go up to the 1985 breakup?
    (21:51:10) GregRenoff: If I were to write another VH book, yes I would end it in 85 with the split.
    (21:52:08) Sesh: So you have no interest in writing a book called 'Van Hagar Sinking?'
    (21:52:47) GregRenoff: HA! No, I think it would be a depressing book in general.
    (21:53:00) DONNIEP: Ok, my biggest question of the night: Greg, I know this is after the time frame explored in the book, but do you have any info on who Roth was working with while the band was beginning work on the follow up to 1984?
    (21:53:40) GregRenoff: Who he was working with? You mean musicians?
    (21:54:27) Von_Halen: Yeah, he means musicians. Mike Anthony has said Dave would go off to work with other musicians, when they were trying to record the follow up to 1984. Any truth to that?
    (21:55:25) GregRenoff: I see. I don't know about that, but I bet Ted does! Funny thing, Ted told me that DLR was adamant that Crazy not have any guitar work that sounded anything like VH, so to not threaten ED.
    (21:53:33) Von_Halen: How cool was it to hang with THE Ted Templeman?
    (21:54:08) GregRenoff: It was killer! Ted is a super nice guy. It was incredible for all of us in the room. VHND is going to put up video of it very soon.
    (21:55:15) Va Beach VH Fan: And let's just acknowledge this also - Although Eddie Trunk claims to be a big CVH fan, and although you have provided copies of your book to Trunk and his two knuckleheads, he has yet to acknowledge ANYTHING related to that book, even though it is one of the hottest rock topics of the last couple of months. Is all of that STILL correct Greg?
    (21:55:40) GregRenoff: I have heard ZERO from Trunk.
    (21:56:24) Von_Halen: I asked Trunk to mention the book on his Sirius show. I doubt he did.
    (21:58:00) GregRenoff: Best of my knowledge he hasn't said anything about the book. On the other hand, Martha Quinn had been SO helpful. You guys should support whatever she does because she is a diehard fan of VH with Roth.
    (21:58:35) Von_Halen: Well, Trunk is a Clichegar lover.
    (21:58:56) Sesh: And all about Trunk.
    (21:55:39) zoso11782: How instrumental was Ted Templeman in VH's success? Namely he appears to have been maybe the only person who could harness DLR in the studio and get the best out of him as fast as possible. Would this explain why/how they recorded those albums so quickly?
    (21:56:56) GregRenoff: What I like to do is ask ppl to compare the Simmons demo to the Templeman demo. They were recorded about 4/5 months apart. Listen to the difference. Ted captured the energy. Simmons's stuff sounds flat to me on the whole.
    (21:59:54) GregRenoff: I think Ted was instrumental to DLR's success as a vocalist - he coached him up and let him shine. He knew what DLR did well and what he didn't do well.
    (21:57:43) Von_Halen: Did you talk to Simmons?
    (21:58:53) GregRenoff: I didn't because I didn't want to be the guy to get Gene on the phone and ask him the same questions he's already answered a million times - i had a lot of gene interviews about VH to draw on.
    (21:58:05) cadaverdog: I really want to know if the rumor Hagar pissed off Roth in LA in &8 is true or not.
    (21:59:09) GregRenoff: I don't know about that Hagar/Roth LA thing.
    (21:59:51) Von_Halen: Who would you say supplied you with the most detailed, pertinent info for the book?
    (22:00:10) GregRenoff: Hard to say, probably Berle and Templeman.
    (22:00:07) Von_Halen: Oh, and who gave you the most info you can't share?
    (22:00:20) GregRenoff: Kim Miller, Ed's ex.
    (22:01:22) cadaverdog: Ed's ex probably said he had a small dick.
    (22:01:50) GregRenoff: NO COMMENT. ;-)
    (22:02:02) BearlyDoug: HA!
    (22:00:57) Sesh: Did you get the impression that key people like Angelus and Ted were still in contact with Dave? Did all these people fall out with him at some point?
    (22:01:41) GregRenoff: I'm 99% sure Ted does not talk to Dave. I don't know for sure about Pete, but my sense was that they do not talk.
    (22:02:37) DONNIEP: Is the story about Roth's car breaking down before the contract signing true? The one where he just walked off and left it.
    (22:03:28) GregRenoff: Only info I could get on that was the LA Weekly story. Berle didn't recall that - but it was a lot of years ago.
    (22:03:45) Von_Halen: Is your hesitation of doing a 79-85 book purely because it's been covered so much already?
    (22:04:56) GregRenoff: No, it's because as they became more famous, the circle of people gets smaller and smaller, and if those ppl won't talk, it's hard to write the book. When they weren't famous, they interacted with a lot more people in Pasadena.
    (22:05:06) DONNIEP: Is there any video of the recording sessions for the first record?
    (22:06:07) GregRenoff: Ted never mentioned it. There are supposedly photos of the Sunset Sound room with shots of Al's drums taken by an assistant engineer. i tried to get those for the book. No luck.
    (22:06:00) Von_Halen: Did you ask Ted, or anybody, about the release of the older live shows? Especially video?
    (22:06:34) GregRenoff: Ted told me they never seriously considered doing a live record between 1978 and 1984.
    (22:07:08) Va Beach VH Fan: I believe in the Links' chat you mentioned that the WB sessions were taped and are in their archives, but didn't EVH mention in the RS interview that those sessions are "gone"?
    (22:08:28) GregRenoff: The WB demos are almost certainly in the archives at WB. They were there for sure in the 90s, and Ted told me it's "highly unlikely" that the tapes are lost. I believe Ed and Al don't want to deal with WB and don't want fans asking about demos.
    (22:09:27) GregRenoff: Ed is either mistaken or lying. How likely is it that reels labeled something like "VAN HALEN - SUNSET SOUND - FEB 1977" got tossed?
    (22:10:54) Von_Halen: Has Ted said anything about the video from the live shows? Like the US Festival?
    (22:11:40) GregRenoff: I never asked him about the US Festival. I should do so. I can ask about other video as well.
    (22:12:16) Von_Halen: Please do! You can get Uriah fucking Heep on video, and not real VH!
    (22:12:35) GregRenoff: I know. It's crazy. But that's the brothers for you.
    (22:12:45) Sesh: I know it's not in the time frame of your excellent book but did you get an impression of why a lot of the key people you interviewed like Ted and Angelus went with Roth when the band split?
    (22:14:07) GregRenoff: I know that Ted didn't support the split in general, so the brothers took that as siding with DLR. That's what I have gathered - I have never asked that question specifically to Ted. I didn't ask Angelus that.
    (22:15:11) Von_Halen: Were you as devastated as I was when they split?
    (22:15:52) GregRenoff: Yeah, it was hard for me to take but remember I had just gotten into the band in early 84. You saw them way back.
    (22:17:43) Sesh: Did Terry Kilgore ever express any regrets about teaching Chris Holmes guitar?
    (22:18:26) GregRenoff: HA! Terry taught a ton of guys in Pasadena. Carl Haasis of Dred Zep. Tracy G. of Dio.
    (22:18:40) GregRenoff: Ed van halen.
    (22:18:57) GregRenoff: But in all seriousness, Ed and TK were peers.
    (22:18:42) Von_Halen: I would love a follow up, but I know without cooperation, it would be hard. You did a great job on the book. I thought I knew all there was to know, but you gave me plenty of new info.
    (22:19:25) GregRenoff: Thanks, that's what I wanted to do - I was SICK of reading the same stories over and over again.
    (22:19:59) Von_Halen: I love the detail of the bar gigs, and the backyard parties.
    (22:21:16) GregRenoff: Thanks, yeah. I wanted people to feel like they were there at the gig.
    (22:19:35) PETE*S BROTHER: greg, did you get to talk to Laura Crommett before the book?
    (22:20:42) GregRenoff: I didn't - 2 things. 1. I just met her the other night at the party in Pasadena. I think someone tried to connect me to her and it didn't happen. 2. I was just told that her brother Cory C. was one of the two guys who made the mark stone logo shirts - the first run.
    (22:22:20) cadaverdog: Did VH play anymore backyard gigs after signing a recording contract?
    (22:23:12) GregRenoff: I've heard that they did do at least 1 in 1977, but it was almost like a favor to someone. I think by 1976 there were few VH backyard parties.
    (22:24:52) Sesh: There are quite a few references in the book from George Lynch and he seems to have had a positive relationship with Eddie over the period.
    I find it interesting that Ed complained about even guitarists like Randy Rhoads ripping him off but Lynch didn't seem to have got any shit from him?
    (22:25:31) GregRenoff: Lynch told me that Ed just used to kill it back in the day, meaning pre-WB.
    (22:26:58) GregRenoff: Lynch told me that he and Ed went to the Starwood together in Dec 1976 and saw Harvey Mandel with Canned Heat - and saw Mandel tap.
    (22:26:44) Von_Halen: Any other rock books in your future Greg?
    (22:27:10) GregRenoff: I will write another rock book for sure, yes.
    (22:27:45) Von_Halen: Care to divulge who it will feature? Or will it be rock in general?
    (22:28:02) GregRenoff: Nah, will have to wait and see.
    (22:28:45) Von_Halen: Hopefully it's not The Police. I fucking hate The Police.
    (22:29:02) GregRenoff: No new wave stuff.
    (22:27:58) VaBeachVHFan: Greg, what was the biggest "holy shit" moment during the writing of the book?
    (22:28:20) GregRenoff: Um, probably when I saw the "NAKED FLYER" - the RBJ one.
    (22:28:42) GregRenoff: Because people had told me about it. Then someone sent one to me.
    (22:29:41) Sesh: Hah naughty question but the stuff you heard during your research that you couldn't use - on the whole did it make you feel more or less positive about a) Roth b) the rest of the band?
    (22:31:07) GregRenoff: Sesh, hard question. I think some things I left out made me lose some respect for DLR. But on the whole, my respect for him grew.
    (22:32:01) Von_Halen: I know exactly what you mean Greg. It's hard to discount the work, commitment and dedication he put into helping this band make it.
    (22:32:19) GregRenoff: Exactly.
    (22:29:42) Von_Halen: Are the sales of the book better than you anticipated them to be?
    (22:32:03) GregRenoff: Yes, sales are better than I thought they would be. Book has a great buzz going. I figured you guys would be excited about the book but to get beyond the hardcore VH audience was not what I expected.
    (22:32:59) Von_Halen: When I gave it to Ray, the other guys in Korn all looked at it, and said they were going to read it too.
    (22:34:03) GregRenoff: That's awesome. I didn't know they liked VH!
    (22:30:04) VaBeachVHFan: For those who haven't read the book yet, Clidk Here To Buy The Book In The Van Halen Store, you cheap motherfuckers!
    (22:30:18) PETE*S BROTHER: greg, which book did enjoy writing more?
    (22:32:57) GregRenoff: I enjoyed writing the VH book way more than my first book.
    (22:32:44) VaBeachVHFan: Greg, I only heard bits and pieces of this, and I apologize that I haven't finished the book yet, but did someone mention that Ted wanted Bette to front the band initially instead of DLR?
    (22:33:41) GregRenoff: yes, ted considered it - long story short he was worried about DLR's singing. But he realized quickly it was a terrible idea to think about replacing roth,
    (22:35:08) VaBeachVHFan: Van Halen was on its way to Stones/Who level, but their bickering turned them into a party joke....
    (22:35:52) GregRenoff: Yes, if they broke up for good in 1985 they'd be revered like the doors or beatles/
    (22:35:46) DONNIEP: Did Dave consciously work on his vocals before the recording of the first record or did Ted pull it out of him in the studio?
    (22:36:02) Von_Halen: I know the answer to that, because I read the book, DonnieP!
    (22:37:01) GregRenoff: I interviewed the groundskeeper at the Roth mansion and some of his friends. They were over there all the time in 77. Roth would tell them he was taking Vocal lessons. He also took a voice class at PCC around 1973-74.
    (22:37:35) Von_Halen: How old is the groundskeeper now?
    (22:38:04) GregRenoff: Good question. I'd say he about DLR's age. He was a college student in 1977.
    (22:38:44) DLR Bridge: Do you have anymore surprises to release? Song wise?
    (22:39:05) GregRenoff: I have a couple more things i can roll out.... stay tuned.
    (22:39:23) Kristy: Did Alex ever want to "bang" Kristy McNichol?
    (22:39:40) Von_Halen: That might have been Kristy McNichol asking that question.
    (22:39:57) GregRenoff: Who didn't want to bang her? Jody Foster too.
    (22:40:23) GregRenoff: A few women told me Alex would get loaded and come on strong with the ladies at parties.
    (22:40:07) VaBeachVHFan: I just visited the Sunset Strip about a month ago for the first time with JHale, and it was cool enough, but I'm just sitting here imagining what the Strip was like with Lynch/Rhoads/Van Halen shredding at the same time... FUCK.....
    (22:40:23) PETE*S BROTHER: greg, how many frequent flier miles to you accumulate writin' this book?
    (22:41:05) GregRenoff: I went to NYC and Pasadena. I also did a few other trips around the midwest.
    (22:41:28) GregRenoff: Oh and I did research in San Diego too.
    (22:42:13) Von_Halen: If you could go back and be at any one VH performance, which one would it be?
    (22:42:50) GregRenoff: Texxas Jam, only because Marshall says it was fucking incredible to see VH steal the show with rented equipment.
    (22:43:02) Kristy: Okay, here's a somewhat better question...Did Alex tour with the same kit he recorded with? Ha! Answer that!
    (22:43:59) GregRenoff: Don't know. Rudy probably does. Gregg Emerson is dead. And Tom Broderick didn't go to Sunset Sound. MIke's club days tech Sandy is dead too.
    (22:44:13) Von_Halen: Was Zloz cool?
    (22:44:32) GregRenoff: The best. He's so cool.
    (22:44:40) GregRenoff: Great storyteller.
    (22:45:00) Von_Halen: There is a book being written about him right now.
    (22:44:56) Sesh: Greg you have been on sites run by Von and I for decades and so you will know that something that keeps popping up. Personally I don't care but for the record after your 200+ interviews for the book - the gay thing?
    (22:45:21) GregRenoff: Never heard that Roth was gay.
    (22:45:36) VaBeachVHFan: "Nice Dick"
    (22:46:07) GregRenoff: Had one girl tell me she thought he must be gay because he wouldn't sleep with her, but of course she may have been hideous or have had VD.
    (22:46:58) Sesh: My theory was that Hagar would have been screaming it in every interview if it true but thought it was worth bringing it up.
    (22:46:57) Von_Halen: The thing in the book about Ed OD'ing after blowing away UFO. How close a call do you think that was, based on your interviews?
    (22:48:01) GregRenoff: I can only go on what I was told - very serious and scary thing. He was so rigid they had to punch him in the stomach to get him in the car.
    (22:48:26) Von_Halen: That was a new story to me.
    (22:49:26) GregRenoff: Ed did mention the OD in a radio interview in the 90s.
    (22:47:41) DONNIEP: What was the relationship like between Ed and Mike before they got signed and did Ed write all the bass lines and then show him how to play them on the first record?
    (22:48:49) GregRenoff: Templeman said Mike was always spot on and rock solid. Said Alex's meter was not always great in 78. So there you go.
    (22:49:31) Von_Halen: I don't believe that bullshit Ed said about Mike recently. Do you?
    (22:50:29) GregRenoff: The video thing? That was just Ed trying to defend his kid being in VH by lashing out.
    (22:50:48) GregRenoff: Only people who want him in VH more than mike are Val, Ed, and Wolf.
    (22:50:54) Sesh: My guess is that he did it once to save time
    (22:51:54) GregRenoff: sure, I could see it happening once but EVH made it sound like he did it all the time.
    (22:52:01) Sesh: The stupid thing about the story is then marrying it up with Ed in the club days standing with a cine camera trying to record the bass to 300 cover songs.
    (22:53:16) GregRenoff: Of course. Especially stupid because Ed told ppl I interviewed that he was BLOWN AWAY by how fast Mike learned all their songs back in 74,
    (22:48:13) PETE*S BROTHER: greg, who do you want to win the world series?
    (22:49:05) GregRenoff: Mets - my late father was a big mets fan.
    (22:49:02) Kristy: One more: does Eddie and/or Alex collect a lot of memorabilia from the early days?
    (22:49:47) GregRenoff: I honestly don't know what they collect.
    (22:52:32) Von_Halen: What is the coolest thing you found out about Van Halen, while researching for this book?
    (22:54:30) GregRenoff: Hard to say. Probably that they played all those crazy ass songs like Santana's Hope you're feeling better and Cold Sweat and Will it go round in circles back in 73.
    (22:53:09) PETE*S BROTHER: greg, if you had a vh striped buggey, and had to drive it in the rain to get eddie to sign it, would you?
    (22:53:32) GregRenoff: YES, yes I would.
    (22:53:49) Von_Halen: Fuckers! There were no guarantee's I was going to find Ed.
    (22:53:51) VaBeachVHFan: See, Von's not a true fan
    (22:55:48) VaBeachVHFan: Greg, in your opinion, % that Mike joins Van Halen for even a one-off concert (i.e. for a special occasion)....
    (23:00:03) GregRenoff: % question - I suspect that Wolf would like to exit VH and do his own thing - not to screw his dad and uncle but because he wants to do other projects. And let's face it, it can't be fun to be bashed because of your dad's inability to do the right thing.
    (23:00:41) GregRenoff: I'd say it will likely happen that Ed and Al will ask Mike to do something. Will he do it though?
    (23:01:02) Von_Halen: Now there's some info!
    (23:01:21) VaBeachVHFan: probably something like the 35th anniversary of Al's 1st divorce
    (22:56:01) Kristy: Okay: How satisfied was ED with the recording of the first album? Numerous articles stated he was unhappy with the takes (i.e., Eruption) while others say he was okay with them. Personally, I thought he played his best on the debut record
    (22:57:21) GregRenoff: I think Ed and Al wanted the first album to like Led Zep. Ted knew better than to do that. But they also loved Montrose too, and I think it is reminicent of the montrose album
    (22:56:24) Sesh: If you had to choose would you rather have a hand made out of ham which you could nibble but would then grow back or an armpit that dispensed suntan cream?
    (22:57:02) Von_Halen: That's a weird question Sesh.
    (22:57:16) VaBeachVHFan: He's hammered, lol
    (22:57:32) GregRenoff: Armpit.
    (22:57:40) Sesh:
    (22:57:29) Von_Halen: Greg, did Brett hit you up for a donation to keep the Links alive?
    (22:57:42) GregRenoff: HAH! No.
    (22:57:58) jhale667: WHat was Ted T's reaction to the crowd reaction at the signing? He seemed stunned...
    (22:58:32) GregRenoff: I think he doesn't quite understand how many people revere him for the way he made those records sound.
    (22:59:03) Von_Halen: How can he not know? That is crazy! He's revered by most VH fans!
    (22:59:40) jhale667: He seemed shocked when I said "Thank you for recording the music of my childhood" so yeah, agree Greg.
    (23:01:31) GregRenoff: Ted is a pretty modest guy. He's not Jimmy Iovine walking around thinking he's the man.
    (23:01:19) Sesh: Thanks Greg for this and congratulations on the book. Apologies that you were the trial run for this new chat box thing we will be using for interviews but I think once it was working it was much better than a standard forum thread. We'll tidy it up(make ourselves look better) and post it on our front page so that it reaches a much larger audience than here tonight.
    (23:02:00) GregRenoff: Thanks guys. Was fun.
    (23:02:03) Von_Halen: Okay, we're going to wrap this up. Greg, thanks for your participation. Truly a great book.
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    Ozzy plays live with Sabbath

    Thread Starter: Seshmeister

    Surprised he managed even this but he didn't exactly do the splits off the drum riser.

    Commonwealth Games:

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    3rd Secret

    Thread Starter: FORD

    You'll probably recognize Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil, and Matt Cameron here. Other guitarist is Bubba Dupree formerly of a DC band named

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    Bootleg Trading

    Thread Starter: woodybootleg

    Hello, I am somewhat new here, and have many VH and DLR bootleg dvds, I don't really collect audio, only videos. I not only have videos of VH and DLR

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