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  • Van Hagar To Tour In 2017

    That's right Van Hagar fan. You heard it here first, on the one and only David Lee Roth Army! And as usual, the David Lee Roth Army has the breaking news first. In fact, we believe we have it before Dave himself even has it! Ed, do not shoot Kody, he's not the one that told us!

    Van Hagar is set to do a fall tour in 2017. Yes, that's right. Van Hagar live and in concert in 2017. So, all you girls and girly boys, dust off your parachute pants, dust off your old Bic lighters, dig deep into your pockets, and get ready to hear all those sappy love songs, live in front of your naked screaming ears. Seems the Van Halen brothers figure they have bled Classic Van Halen fan dry, and now it is time to get into Van Hagar fans pockets. Oh, and as a real slap in the face to Classic Van Halen fan, Michael Anthony will be doing this tour too. If Van Hagar fan is really lucky, maybe they’ll come out with a live album and claim it is the “definitive Van Hagar”. We are also being told that this will be the last tour, and the Van Halen’s will “retire” at the end of the tour.

    What about Wolfgang? Well, you all probably know he's been working on his own album. So, he'll reportedly be opening the show with his band!

    What about ole Dave? Even though we’ve been told Ed and Dave haven’t talked since the end of the tour, we have been informed that the idea of a tour with both Roth and Hagar was floated out there, and was not well received by the Diamond one. So, since Van Hagar is going to pretend it's 1985 again, why shouldn't Dave do the same thing? We have no idea if they'll be able to pull it off, or to what extent, but we're told Diamond Dave is trying to get the EEAS band back together, and this time it won't be for a one off gig, like the one that got shut down by the fire marshals in Los Angeles.

    Last but not least, let’s hope this paves the way for the release of the album Dave and John 5 have completed, and sitting there waiting for release, as also first reported here at the David Lee Roth Army back on November 23, 2013 in this thread. Click Here to read to read Von Halen Talks To John 5
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    1. VAiN's Avatar
      VAiN -
      Get the fuck out of here - NO!!
    1. Carmine's Avatar
      Carmine -
      No fuckin way!
    1. DONNIEP's Avatar
      DONNIEP -
      Hahahaha!! It's 5150 Time babayyyyy!!!
    1. Va Beach VH Fan's Avatar
      Va Beach VH Fan -
      Quote Originally Posted by DONNIEP View Post
      Hahahaha!! It's 5150 Time babayyyyy!!!
      Dig it, ya'll....
    1. TitanTopper's Avatar
      TitanTopper -
      If true, I'm FINALLY fucking through for good with the sisters!! FUCK THEM AND THAT HACK, HAGAR!!
    1. Seshmeister's Avatar
      Seshmeister -
      We are sure of our sources we don't post gossip on the front page.
    1. Calderone's Avatar
      Calderone -
    1. Romeo Delight's Avatar
      Romeo Delight -
      First off...i thought the site was down for the last 2 years because every time i tried to access the site all kinds of wonky stuff happened...looked like it was hacked. Can someone PM me with the details. I cant believe this is true. Mike is back but it sammy singing dreams? Omg
    1. FORD's Avatar
      FORD -
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      Cato -
    1. yomaster's Avatar
      yomaster -
      Oh how lame. These guys suck.. They need to just retire and go away. And I know someone else already said it but how fucking insulting that Anthony is back for this tour but not the CVH tour. lame lame lame
    1. ZahZoo's Avatar
      ZahZoo -
      I don't expect to see Von & Sesh retiring and going away anytime soon... Not with Mike back!
    1. Seshmeister's Avatar
      Seshmeister -
    1. Romeo Delight's Avatar
      Romeo Delight -
      "definitive"...lol Von