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  • Snippet of New Van Halen Single "Tattoo" is up on AMAZON.COM

    Amazon.com just published a snippet of the new Van Halen single "TATTOO" on their website. This is a first look at the long awaited new material released by Van Halen. Tattoo can be downloaded from this link starting 10 January 2012. (Click Here). It is available for pre-order starting now. If you are having problems making the Amazon.com page play the sample, here is an alternate youtube link.
    Thoughts on the tune from ROTHARMY members?
    Comments 22 Comments
    1. Sarge's Avatar
      Sarge -
      I think it sounds great by the way. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album!
    1. Viking's Avatar
      Viking -
      I'll rob a fuckin' bank to get tickets to this tour if I have to.......what I heard was awesome, synths or not.
    1. hitch1969's Avatar
      hitch1969 -
      its fucking happening... wow!
    1. Sensible Shoes's Avatar
      Sensible Shoes -

    1. Sarge's Avatar
      Sarge -
      Holy shit we have seen a return of the infamous HitchBrain!
    1. Sarge's Avatar
      Sarge -
      Member number 1 and 2 in the same thread for the first time in 5-7 years!
    1. Unchainme's Avatar
      Unchainme -
      Quote Originally Posted by hitch1969 View Post
      its fucking happening... Wow!
    1. Sensible Shoes's Avatar
      Sensible Shoes -
      Only right that the founders and the crucial players are all here NOW! Kudos from a relative newbie. OK not so new.
    1. DlocRoth's Avatar
      DlocRoth -
      Ok..... It aint my birthday....

      Not Xmas? Check.

      Then why do I feel like I just busted an 8 ball?!

      Vindication is a hell of a drug. Ha!
    1. diamondsgirl's Avatar
      diamondsgirl -
      30 seconds is such a tease.
    1. Jetstream's Avatar
      Jetstream -
      I really like it and the chorus sounds like it will kicks ass with what shown...being humming this snippet of the song all day, it is catchy and will serve the band well when released
    1. if6was9's Avatar
      if6was9 -
      If this is the sound of new Van Halen, I will rather stick to this:
    1. Grizzly's Avatar
      Grizzly -
      Oh Yeah bring it on, it's catchy, it's cool, it's late night drivin' thru town with the top down in the mood groove. Yep, like it so far.
      So we gonna get a UK/Europe schedule or just a couple festie appearances?
    1. jero's Avatar
      jero -
      back with a bang
    1. flappo's Avatar
      flappo -
      I'm sure it will be flippin grate !

      dave sounds like his tonsils are on fire in a good way !!!
    1. MmboSlmrCasalad's Avatar
      MmboSlmrCasalad -
      So cool! Just wait 'til you hear this 10, 20, 30...1,000 times! It will just keep getting better and better. THRILLED to hear the creative axis of Van Halen together making music again!
    1. WARF's Avatar
      WARF -
      "I got hula girls on the back of my leg, and she hulas when I walk..."

    1. Little Texan's Avatar
      Little Texan -
      Classic Dave lyrics...
    1. tod's Avatar
      tod -
      I rate it half a cupcake on Christmas
    1. Nitro Express's Avatar
      Nitro Express -
      It sounds more like a song off of one of Dave's solo albums more than a Van Halen song. It doesn't suck but it's not that great either. Kind of like Jump. I hope this is the Jump of the new album. It will be the hot single off the album but let's hope there is a Panama, Top Jimmy, House of Pain, and Hot For Teacher on there as well. We will see.