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  • "Stay Frosty" lyrics, directly from David Lee Roth!

    Comments 18 Comments
    1. Romeo Delight's Avatar
      Romeo Delight -
      Can't see them...
    1. Va Beach VH Fan's Avatar
      Va Beach VH Fan -
      What do you expect, you're Canadian....
    1. Sensible Shoes's Avatar
      Sensible Shoes -
      I can't read them they're too small for my ancient eyes. But they look really cool!
    1. qikgts's Avatar
      qikgts -
      Cool!!! I just looked up the hotel name on the stationary the lyrics are written on...

      Totally a "Dave" place. I can only imagine he penned them there. I found some of the history interesting about that place. At one point, it was a Kosher hotel and the ball rooom was used as a Synagogue after WWII. I wonder if the lyrics were influenced by that...
    1. Full Bug's Avatar
      Full Bug -
      Very cool, who knew Dave could draw as well? Cannot wait to hear the whole tune....
    1. Cato's Avatar
      Cato -
      Quote Originally Posted by Full Bug View Post
      Very cool, who knew Dave could draw as well?
      most of us
    1. lesfunk's Avatar
      lesfunk -
      Full Bong knew as well, but his frequent hemp abuse caused him to be amnesiac
    1. VAiN's Avatar
      VAiN -
      Very cool, I love seeing this shit... could have been scanned in a little bigger though.. just sayin.
    1. Jetstream's Avatar
      Jetstream -
      I like the caricatures of the mice on the right, nice traditional Asian feel on something as common as mice (the gestures on them are really nice). Dave actually has a really good handle of Asian wash approach in his art that goes past something as simple as this on the lyric sheet. It is not something you can just wing on a style that goes way back centuries, Dave studies things. Dave reads real books. If anyone can claim the title Renaissance man in this day and age, Mr. Roth can.
    1. Heater's Avatar
      Heater -
      Seems a little forced, a little staged, a little too planned out. Like he wrote and drew this knowing where it would show up. Clever marketing idea, not much else.
    1. Matt White's Avatar
      Matt White -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bleater View Post
      Great song! Love the way DAVE echos the guitar, something Spammy always sounded so gay doing! It's like its actually VAN HALEN and not some rotten Journey cover band.
      Nice Job slugger.......you're making progress

    1. Heater's Avatar
      Heater -
      Wait! You made up a fake quote and attributed it to me? WHERE did you ever come up with such a novel and not played to death idea like that? Where does a person with such a giant brain go to purchase a hat?
    1. Heater's Avatar
      Heater -
      MattWhite: "I Love Boogers! "
    1. Matt White's Avatar
      Matt White -
      Come on little buddy....

    1. Jetstream's Avatar
      Jetstream -
      "Seems a little forced, a little staged, a little too planned out. Like he wrote and drew this knowing where it would show up. Clever marketing idea, not much else."...uh Heater, 1) this was never presented by Dave as the ORIGINAL lyric sheet which he worked on for the song 2) and it shows his own personal style of writing and artwork which goes beyond a lot more than 'nothing else'. 3) have you ever seen his artwork, he does little sketches of his ideas often and this is hardly a major undertaking with his skills and hardly a marketing ploy on his part and I appreciate him sharing something like this which he has probably laying around everywhere but no one ever sees 4) You need to stay Frosty Heater
    1. Brian Lawler's Avatar
      Brian Lawler -
      I can only wish to get hand written lyrics From My IDOL....how WTF>>? WOW
    1. flappo's Avatar
      flappo -
      he's very artistic
    1. light 'em up!'s Avatar
      light 'em up! -
      Trust in Allah, but tie up your camel...
      Fucking brilliant!
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