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    by Published on 01-06-2012 02:44 PM

    January 5, 2012 will forever reign in Van Halen's ever growing history as a day in which the band found there once great ...
    by Published on 01-04-2012 08:49 PM     Number of Views: 672 


    When the lights turn on tonight at New York City's Cafe Wha?, and Van Halen takes the stage to premiere their upcoming new album, single and tour, the Roth Army will be there, live, in your naked, steaming eyes. The Roth Army's former webmaster, moderator and one of it's top all-time members, WARF, will be set to document the whole thing.

    Tune in tonight and tomorrow morning for all of the updates, as we get them.

    Van Halen to Perform at New York's Cafe Wha? This Thursday

    Band expected to debut new single sometime this month

    January 2, 2012 7:55 PM ET

    Journalists across New York have been invited to a Van Halen concert at the Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village this Thursday. Though nothing is official, word is the band are going to perform a 45-minute set. The group hasn't played in public since the end of their 2007/'08 reunion tour with original frontman David Lee Roth, though they have been rehearsing for their upcoming world tour at the Roxy in Los Angeles for the past few months. A new album is in the works, and a new image released by the band has the date 2.7.12 on it. A new video and single is expected to hit sometime this month. The tour goes on sale January 10th.

    The 250-seat Cafe Wha? may seem like an unlikely place for Van Halen to launch their new tour, but the club has an important family connection to David Lee Roth. His uncle Manny Roth owned and operated the venue, providing a stage to then-up-and-coming acts such as Jimi Hendrix, Bill Cosby, Bob Dylan, Richard Pryor and many others.

    While the Van Halen camp has been extremely quiet about the band's plans for 2012, they recently put up a giant billboard in Times Square and teaser footage showing the band rehearsing at the Roxy. They have also given the fansite VHLINKS two exclusive videos of the band reminiscing about Eddie Van Halen's old Volvo and judging wet T-shirt contests back in the Seventies. The site also says that a "trusted source" tells them the band has been "busy booking rehearsal space and hotel rooms for the band and their crew for [this] week in NYC."
    by Published on 01-03-2012 10:20 PM     Number of Views: 757 

    Journalists from all over New York City have been invited to the 250-seat Cafe Wha? for a 45-minute performance by Van Halen!

    Cafe Wha? holds a special place in Diamond Dave's heart, Dave's uncle Manny previously owned it.

    The cafe does usually have an online stream, but it is not believed that it will be active on Thursday night.
    by Published on 01-03-2012 09:32 PM     Number of Views: 3224 

    We have been contacted by DLR's representatives at Diamond Dave Enterprises (DDE), who are offering us EXCLUSIVE VH/DLR photos and videos in preparation for the 2012 Van Halen Tour !!!
    See the photos and video at this link!
    In Roth We Trust,

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