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  1. Bring It,Dont Sing It.
  2. Van Halen World Tour 2012.
  3. Merry xmas Happy new year!!!
  4. Merry Xmas My Friend.
  5. Hi Dan!
    I just chilled.Watched 5 hours of stand up comedy on
    Happy new year!
  6. Happy New Year,Brother BM.

    Did You have A Few Beers And Go Crazy In Town?
  7. hi Dan!
    I'm sure I'll visit your country one day!Wanna see great white sharks!
    If you ever visit Holland I'll make you a tuna pasta!Say hi to the kiwi girls!Roth on bro!!
  8. Brother BM,I Think You Might Have Something With The Get Drunk And Stoned Cooking Show.

    BTW.....If You Need A Place To Stay Just Get Yourself Down Here,Plenty Of Kiwi Ladies For You.
  9. Wasup bro!?
    Im doin ok..unemployed in Rotterdam..LOL..but gonna get new guitar lessons from a famous gypsy guitar player soon.Roth on mate!
  10. Brother BlueMustard,How Are You My Friend?
  11. Happy Easter bluemustard.
  12. Happy easter Dan!!
  13. Hi brother Dan!!I'll check out now!
  14. Brother B.M.,Come Over To And Have A Look.
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