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  1. ...Love your idea (pro sound) but I'm still trying to go ahead and make a rough and raw bootleg show out of the performance. Unless they recorded the show directly from the mixing board, the sound will most definitely be, again, rough and raw. In the digital age of Pro Tools, etc., I can surely live with a less than perfect version - it's so much more in CVH style.
    Almost all of the footage I'm using is shot by amateurs in the audience virtually within a number of feet of the band members (E.G.: WARF). It adds to the character of the event and performance. You can't get anymore "old school, in your face", rough and raw than that. A pro AND bootleg version of the show would be VERY cool.
    It's basically already finished but lacking the tunes I'm looking for.
    The boys had Oakland '81, the US Festival, etc. professionally filmed but we all know the results of officially releasing that material. I'm not holding my breath.
    Thanks for your well wishes and see ya on the "boards".
  2. Well, it turns out VH are doing their own...they had 3 video cams there, so I am not going to bother, lol. Historically they would not do anything like that, so I was all set to do what you are doing, but I was only going to do it to have a complete record of the show. And I was worried about having decent quality sound to work with. But now, since they are working on an official DVD, I can relax and wait for it. The quality will be way better than anything I could do.

    But best of luck on your efforts! Might be worth it to wait for the official DVD, then use the audio from it to create your bootleg.
  3. I.m working on a Cafe Wha?/ 2010 media compilation DVD too, bro!
    All I'm doing is downloading stuff from Youtube mostly.
    Check out my latest thread. Maybe we can get get everyone that was there to start uploading what they've got ASAP... once they've come off Cloud 9, that is.

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