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  1. so, you are 35. if that is correct, you were 10 when the original cvh played together before breaking up. because 1984 was 25 years ago. so, you probably never saw them in their "hey-day", if you did, do you really remember it? and if you do remember it, it is from the perspective of a 10 year old. this explains a great deal about your posts and some of the common undertones running through them. it is almost a given that all your swagger, bravado, and know-it-all-ness is coming from someone whose vh concert experiences are from bootlegs, youtube and official videos. how many times did you see them with sammy? be honest. i KNEW something didn't add up. hope you had a nice thanksgiving.
  2. Yeah, Star Wars insults...those hurt man, really.

  3. ok, darth. hey, what's your star wars fan screen name and how many posts you got over there? cunt
  4. Hey, uh...fuck off, sheep.

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