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  1. Happy New Year Jero!

    This one sounds GRATE already!

    Best R'n'R wishes!

  2. happy new year Jerome!
  3. Hi Jero! How are you?
    it seems there's some stirring up these days, at last!
    Too bad how Holland was beaten in the final - saw the
    match while I was on holiday in the Czech Republic.
    I've just recorded an album with my band, some basic
    but in-your-face rock 'n' roll (we'll put the tunes on line
    when the sleeve is done and the cds duplicated).
  4. Hey dude,
    ca va?
  5. Hello Jerome,

    don't forget the WorldCup party! We are waiting for you in the thread. All six of us
  6. How are things goinig Jerome. Sorry bout the 4-1
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