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  1. Ju know.

  2. Posted the pic of Marley as requested...he's such a pretty cat...the pic does not do his eyes justice.
  3. thank you...
    that was SUCH a thoughtful thing to do...
    I logged on and saw all of those "well wishes" from so many....
  4. A Roth Army Shout out to you Babe:

  5. You Betcha Baby!
  6. i like your new avatar!!
  7. Today's Message of the Day is:

    Life is short, Occasionally Bend the rules,
    Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly,
    Laugh uncontrollably,
    And never regret anything that made you smile.

    you make me smile!
  8. thx for the link.
  9. thank you!
  10. Nice Poem on the 26th
  11. 9-26-11

    Meaningless words
    Unspoken thoughts
    unpredictable style
    show a picture
    created in me
    yet incomprehensible
    to others
  12. Too Tall Too Short
    They all ooos orted!
    Stimple it is they shused

  13. Lol the Bridge between A and I.

    Say Nothing.

    Just the first song.
  14. HI!!! Missed you.
  15. ......
  16. This is the song that I said reminded me of you....
    Thank you for being there to stand by me....
    to fight my my fights...

    and as you listen,

    know that I also, will stand by you....

  17. Dance Little Sister....

    Love it....thank you
    btw, it reminded me of something that happened here yesterday...
    am sending an e-mail, shortly.
  18. Oh Forgot...this is the other song that we used to include in our first 4 songs. Lol beat the hell out of this one.
  19. merry Christmas to you, SunisinuS.
    Thank you for showing me the true meaning of...
    and you have, in more ways than you may know.
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