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  1. Hello Nate.Hope everything is good in Your Life.I spoke to Juice Today.He says Hello.his number is 2626613734.please call him when you can.Take Care.Dan.
  2. The Dog.
  3. Dan!!!!!!
  4. What Did Juice Have To Say?
  5. BTW...............13 From 13.
  6. And?
  7. Yo, I talked to Juice the other day...
  8. Make That 7 From 7.

    Go Pack Go.
  9. 6 Games In A Row.
  10. Packers? Noooo!
  11. Go Pack Go.
  12. Nothing From Juice.Called Him The Other day and Nothing.
  13. Hey, any word from Juice lately?
  14. Dan, the White Sox..might have a chance this year, slim as it

  15. Nate,Packer's Are In The Play-Offs.
  16. Merry Xmas,Nate.

    Happy Holidays Too.
  17. Merry Christmas, my Kiwi friend!
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