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  1. …Just in from VHND: We have some exclusive details about the upcoming Van Halen Japanese TV Special airing next week. Here’s everything we know:
    *It will be broadcast in Japan, Tuesday, August 7th on BS-TBS. It is part of the SONG TO SOUL series. The entire show focuses on Van Halen’s #1 hit, “Jump.”
    *The show is nearly one hour long – much longer than other “Song to Soul” episodes.
    *All or most of the footage shown will be brand new, exclusive interviews. They’re not simply using lots of old footage which diehard fans have seen before.
    *The new interviews of David, Eddie and Alex discussing “Jump” at Dave’s house were filmed just two weeks ago.
    This sounds like a great show! We’ll be sure to feature the episode on VHND if it gets uploaded online.

    If ANY of our friends in Japan can “DVR” this, I’d personally forever be in your debt and would love a hard DVD copy.

    mdk7691 at
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