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  1. Thanks Dan. XOXO
  2. It all depends on the outcome of her surgery on Monday....we'll see...fingers crossed!
  3. She is a sweetheart. But my cat Cuddles, got into a fight with her and put a hole in her cornea. She had to have surgery on her eye. She sports a nice satellite dish around her neck to protect her from itching at it as it heals. She goes in for surgery #2 on the 4th of Jan.
  4. Sweet As,How Is Your New Puppy?
  5. :P
  6. Hope You Got What You Wanted.
  7. Thanks Dan for the birthday wishes!! XOXOXOXO
  8. Happy Birthday,Susie.Have A Great Day And Have A Few Ice Teas For Us.
  9. Xoxo!!
  10. Yes indeed...with pants on always! Especially with me! It would be kinda um...weird n' stuff. hehehehehe!!
  11. Group Hug With Pants On This Time.
  12. Yah Dan...don't leave the big sister outta the group hug! :P
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