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  1. Sweet As.Hope All is well at Ur end too.
  2. Hope all is well nice to hear from u.
  3. Hi Mug,do u have an e-mail address?
  4. Summertime down here,All is Good.How Are Them Packers Doing this season?
  5. Yes my friend happy new year too u !! Hope all is well!
  6. Happy New Year Mug.
  7. Hi Mug,are you on Facebook?
  8. Ok, Nice to hear from u! Hope u are good. Mug
  9. Hi Mug,I spoke to Juice the another day.He is now living in Chicago.If u have time give him a call.Hope all is well with you.Dan
  10. Hi Mug,sorry to hear about you and Lisa.Yeah been along Time.5 years already.sweet as,have a great time at the meeting.Glad more Green Bay Packers fans get to have more room to watch the game.No,not married,Been seeing a Lady for the pass 6 months.As you Know,"Candy Girl" aka Yankee Rose died a few weeks ago.She was a part of my Life for 3 years and we were still friends.She was only 43. I spoke to Juice last week,he seems to be still out of work and finding it tough,I did send you his phone number if u want to call him.Still No News On Van Halen,I bet there will be a new Album in 2015. Take Care Dan.
  11. Yes, Sorry about us not having contact. Lisa and I are not good still living together but apart. Yes and I'm going to the Packer stockholder meeting this week have not been to one since 2010. The stadium has just gone though 2 remodels added 7,000 seats. it's been 5 yrs since u came here WOW! Have not seen u post in a long time u get married or what. Always thinking about are time u came here. Tell a lot of people are story. Just hit the big 52. Have gotting to the states recently? Take care MUG
  12. Hello Mug,Long Time No Hear.I spoke To John(juice) Today.Can You please give him a call when U have time. 2626613734. I hope all is well with u and Family,Go Pack Go.
  13. Ok Bro,Have Fun.
  14. no, he called in june.
  15. Hi Mug,I wish I Could My Friend.Have a Great Time.Is Juice going?
  17. wow do i miss some of this stuff. SORRY!
  18. no, What is up? go pack go!!
  19. Brother Mug,How R You?I Cant Get Hold Of Juice At All.Do U Know If He Is ok?
  20. Glad,You Guys had a Great Day For It.
  21. All day binge, yes i had a party at a bar, then to the sardine can ,you were there, then partyed till 4:30am.
  22. No,Havent Spoken To Juice.I Will Give Him A Call This Weekend.

    Did You Go Out For Your Birthday?
  23. Thank you. Have you talked to juice?
  24. Have A Sweet As Birthday Young Man.
  25. So glad you had a great time. wed is the big 50. plus Lisa's sons wedding this weekend wow. Take care.
  26. Mug,Van Halen Kicked Major Ass In Phoenix,AZ.Had Seats Near Eddie's Side Of The Stage.Thanks To Pete's Brother And Wife.
  27. Mug,How was The Show? Did You Meet-Up With Juice?
  28. Hope you are good .wish you could get over here to see the show (s). I hope you can see them on the tour.Pack are back
    in 2012.The cd ROCKs. Best stuff i'v heard in a long time.
  29. Glad That He Has A part-Time Job.Sweet As If You Guys Meet-Up For The Chicago Show.Man,You Have A Full On Year Ahead Of You.Crazy Times My Friend.Hope All Goes Well With You And Your Family For 2012.Enjoy The Shows And make Sure You Have Fun.
  30. Very Sad Day Indeed.I Saw The Score Yesrterday.

    I Spoke To Juice On My Sunday.I Said That You And Rob Were Going To The First Show In Chicago.I Said To Juice That He Should Phone You For A Meet-up Before The Show.I Think You Should Give Him A Call,Anyway.

    At This Stage I'm Not Too Sure What Show I'm Going To.Long Story.
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