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Dave - July 3, 1988 - Biloxi, MS

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I may or may not have posted these before from an older computer...but I re-scanned them and cleaned them up today. These are from the tour stop in Biloxi, MS on the "Skyscraper" tour on July 3, 1988 with Poison opening. Enjoy the photos...

Thanks for the thought ALMOSTsaved! Wishes to you!
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  1. adena dodds's Avatar
    So the ticket does say "No recorders". Did Diamond Dave pull any other women on stage that year and dip them over like in the video Hot for Teacher? Or was I the chosen one? Wish I had it on video or at least a picture............but the memory remains!
  2. Blaze's Avatar
    I think there is a picture, if I recall correctly. You should find it and post it for us.