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DLR: "I'm Only In The Middle Of My First Retirement"

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The same IS said for many of Dave's contemporaries out there: I'm saying it! ; )

These aging, wheezing classic rock bands are on the whole too old to get it up.

Had to ask myself several years back, why am I continuing to pay good money for substandard performances? For the privilege of being in the vicinity of 'living legends'?

Fuck 'em. Let others fund their golden years.
Depends. Saw Cheap Trick and they are still good. Robin Zander sings as good as ever. Saw Ace Frehley. Must have been a good night. I enjoyed it. His solos were great. Alice Cooper still worth seeing. With Ace he had a great band. He lays back and letís the band carry him while he throws picks out but when itís Ace do a solo time heís still Ace Frehley.
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