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Sensible Shoes

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New Year is here and gone. Nevertheless, I have been thinking about me. Who, what, where, when, why, and how of ME! What was that old song “ Don’t give up your basic need of ambiance and decadence? “ Or was that vanity? Oh Jeroosahats, I forget. Nevertheless, maybe some old daydreaming is in order. Shoe shopping… Mhhh, now that is a thought. Sensible shoes would be in order. Sensible shoes are boots.

The descriptions are quite alluring

Crossing jaunty pirate style with a sensible Wellington, the Merrell Tetra Launch Waterproof boot enhances your sense of adventure.

Cherry Brown no less. Well it did not take me long to forget where that pair was, they weren’t really my style anyway…

I do promise to not miss handle anyone’s well being with a pair of these.

But these might come to order
Such a pretty blue, but defiantly not sensible.

These are getting closer to sensible …

And well these are just adorable …

I saw this one and I saw that one…

Here was one that would really do.

But I could not bring myself to wear a boot called a Clinton.

So that concludes this hunt for that sensible shoe, err boots.

They all were too tall, too short, over protection, under protected. OK. Not sour grapes here, I liked some, well quite a few. But goodness! Such flashiness for footwear! Scandalous, I tell you! Scandalous!

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  1. adena dodds's Avatar
    I'll probally be able to be buried buy all of my shoes.....and I may just suggest that in my final will. Along with my dogs teeth and bones I want my shoes!!! But while I'm still alive I say....All dressed up and no where to go.