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Bootleg Blogger Invites You To 'Imagine A Jump

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The (presumably) French mash-up artist Mighty Mike recently layered John Lennon's instrumental version of "Imagine" with Van Halen's acoustic recording of "Jump," and the result is a glorious fusion of musical polar opposites, fittingly titled "Imagine a Jump."

David Lee Roth has run with Lennon before in a fan-made Frankenstein way back in 2008, when someone paired Van Halen's "Runnin' With the Devil" with The Beatles' "Drive My Car." But this time, when round spectacles meet unbuttoned satin shirts, the fruit plays more fluidly.

Lennon's quiet, thoughtful ivories slide from the speakers, quickly followed by Roth's drawn-out crow call. Roth's party-inspirational vocals shockingly serve as a perfect counterpart to Lennon's famous piano lines.

Still, one should be reminded of the last successful time Roth ran with the Beatles.

You might as well have a listen below.

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  1. minus55's Avatar
    Just heard this the other day and it's totally awesome. No comments?