The Journey Back to Oxygen.

Day One...March 18, 2011.

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  1. fifth element's Avatar
    day 9?? how is the journey commencing?
  2. SunisinuS's Avatar
    04/01/11. 15 days....3 days off now completely. WOW. First day....Hardest day. 2nd day... Harder Day. 3rd day....I can sing again. My voice is coming back. Lol day two I was washing my hands all the time....smell! What are those smells? I walk down the street and smell pot smokers like 3 blocks away 15 days ago I would have went right past. Like when I grew my hair out...I did it for the sensations....I have forgotten these sensations.....Smell....air....the Smells. I must have stunk so bad all these years to those around I can even smell the blood in my lungs and throat as it wells up as my lungs spew off the BP spill. Today for the first time I was happy in a car to hold notes and pull on the vapor and have no reason to open a car window.

    I sang for the neighborhood tonight and for the first time in many years I could actually feel/hear my voice.

    Wow. It is a grind....But I have an Axe and it will be sharp again.

    So help me God.
  3. fifth element's Avatar
    Best of luck along your journey.....
    Behind you all the way, my friend.
  4. fifth element's Avatar
    By the way...I noticed that, as of tomorrow morning it will be one months time since you began your journey.....
    You rock!