The Journey Back to Oxygen.


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4/01/11. 15 days....3 days off now completely. WOW. First day....Hardest day. 2nd day... Harder Day. 3rd day....I can sing again. My voice is coming back. Lol day two I was washing my hands all the time....smell! What are those smells? I walk down the street and smell pot smokers like 3 blocks away 15 days ago I would have went right past. Like when I grew my hair out...I did it for the sensations....I have forgotten these sensations.....Smell....air....the Smells. I must have stunk so bad all these years to those around I can even smell the blood in my lungs and throat as it wells up as my lungs spew off the BP spill. Today for the first time I was happy in a car to hold notes and pull on the vapor and have no reason to open a car window.

I sang for the neighborhood tonight and for the first time in many years I could actually feel/hear my voice.

Wow. It is a grind....But I have an Axe and it will be sharp again.

So help me God.
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