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  1. Sarge
    We gotta add some pictures to this group!
  2. Sarge
    Ok Cato,
    Here are a few pictures of my Custom Shop '51 Nocaster in Sea Foam Green.
    (in the group album!)
    Here are the specs!
    #R6200, 7.60 lbs., Sea Foam Green Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Premium Ash Body, 1-Piece "U" Shaped Maple Neck, 9.5" Fingerboard Radius, 21 Dunlop 6105 Frets, 25.5" Scale Length, 1.650" Nut Width, Chrome Hardware, Fender/Gotoh Vintage Style Tuners, Vintage Style Tailpiece with 3 Special Design Brass Saddles, 1-Ply Black Pickguard, 2 Custom “NoCaster” Vintage Tele Single-Coil Pickups (Custom Vintage Wiring Circuit), 3 Way Switch, Master Volume, Neck Pickup Blend (Switch Position 1 Only), Includes Molded Hardshell Case & Vintage Style Tweed Thermometer Case

    I installed a RS Guitarworks 4 way switch and I ended up selling it!
    The neck was nice and beefy and it looked cool... but I did not like the way it sounded.
    I love Tele's, but this one in my opinion was thin sounding (even with the tone rolled off 1/2 way) and ddn't have a bunch of tonal character. I own a few other Custom Shop Tele's, and I will post them here along wih a comparison!
  3. Sarge
    Now we just need to get a few more members in here!
  4. Cato
    had never seen that color on the Nocaster!
    is it a limited edition or something? anyway it looks so cool.
  5. Sarge
    It was a special order run by Wildwood guitars. Here are a few others
    I got the NOS Version.
    The relic was another 500 dollars for the same guitar!
    What I liked about it was that it had a 9.5 Degree radius neck, instead of the 7.25 like most Nocasters.
    Fender makes a great guitar.
    Hopefully we will get more people in this group as our traffic increases.
  6. Sarge
    What year is your guitar?
    What is up with that action figure next to the neck?
    I love sunburst.
  7. Cato
    mine was made in 1995(Serial number says it was made in 1994, though).
    it's probably a regular model of Custom Shop. nothing special. the finish is not cellulose lacquer but polyurethane! I was so sad when I noticed that.

    >Hopefully we will get more people in this group as our traffic increases.
    yeah, I put the URL of this group in my sig.
  8. jero
  9. Cato

    I have seen a hard relic strat which was crafted by Greg Fessler at a pawnshop a few years ago. it was in daphne blue and the price was reasonable. but I couldn't buy it because I was really broke at the time....
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