Name your fav. brew...

  1. Diamondjimi
    For me?

    Me likes...
  2. Romeo Delight
    Romeo Delight
    Sleeman is grate.

    I like Rickards
  3. twonabomber
    i seem to be drinking a lot of Molson Canadian lately.

    when i go to Canada i'll usually bring back some Alexander Keith's.
  4. ace diamond
    ace diamond
    american beer, for the most part....SUCKS!
    as for canadien beer, molson is quite good.
  5. Romeo Delight
    Romeo Delight
    Granville Island Lager is awesome
  6. Nickdfresh
    I can pound Canadians. But I prefer the Molson Golden, which was once one of the most popular beers in Buffalo before it's reputation was sullied by the green bottle of skunk curse. I try to get it in cans when I can, and wish there was a neighborhood tavern that had it on tap...
  7. Romeo Delight
    Romeo Delight
    Never tried a Molson Goldon. Used to drink Molson Dry a long long time ago...prefer Sapporo now if its a dry beer
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