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    It occurred to me (while I stew in 33 degree C heat) that you sir, live in Jackson Hole, which is one of my fave ski places.

    Are you a skier? Love that Corbett's Couloir. I almost killed myself going down that monster.

    Cheers, Nitro Express.

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    you sir are a legend
  3. View Conversation you might have just sent her into rehab.
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    Thanks to me!
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    define "depp"
  6. Unlike most pleblicans, I'm the boss and can view anything I want to at work. I'm going to check her out more!
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    Cool, brother. She goes by a few names (due to contracts in different countries for her images), but the most common names are Merilyn Sakova and Anya Zenkova. Be careful when searching her images at work, as it is quite difficult to find a photo with her wearing any clothing. Definitely NSFW.
  8. Ungrateful bastard...
  9. I didn't know I was being thanked.
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    Dude,You Have Been Thanked 234 Times But Never Thank Anyone For Their Post,What Is The Story Behind That?
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MA Reveals When He First 'Came To The Conclusion' That DLR Was 'Bipolar'

by Nitro Express on 07-11-2023 at 03:17 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Von Halen View Post
Rammstein has had the same 6 members for what, 20 something years at least? Extremely rare not to have replaced at least one member.

Van Halen had 6 great albums. I'd like to think had Dave stayed, they'd have had at least 10. Some will argue the 4 with Clichegar are also great, so they do have 10 great albums under the Van Halen name. As a whole, I don't think the Van Hagar albums have stood the test of time nearly as well as the Van Halen albums. My girlfriend is a Dave era fan. But she's more of a fan of the more popular tunes. When we are cruising in the dune buggy and I have the playlist on the 6 pack, she will hear a song she's never heard or rarely heard and every time will go "Wow, that's another great song." Really, the only song I skip in the whole playlist, is "Jump". I didn't like it the first time I ever heard it, and I still don't like it. I can close my eyes and go back to the first time it was played on the radio. I was so disappointed. My buddies razzed the shit out of me too. But then, the rest of the album came out. Wow. To come out with an album like that, and then break up the band after the tour. A fucking travesty. It's just a shame the way it all played out. I have to believe they all have their regrets. I believe even Ed had regrets. They did so much between 78 and 84, and so little between 2007 and 2015 new music wise. I don't think Ed ever believed the sands of time were running out. Then boom. They did. Quickly.

Man, I'm still devastated over the break up after 1984. I'm still devastated Ed is gone.
Roth is a clever lyric writer. He doesn’t get enough credit for it. Roth made VH more interesting.

"The Rolling Stones" Thread

by Nitro Express on 06-08-2023 at 06:46 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Nitro Express View Post
Exactly. A band is a brand. You still can sell Stones shit when your body is too worn out to tour. I mean people are begging Alex to sell them some VH shit. The fans want it. Please Alex, take our money!

Roth Lives! Ain't Talkin' Bout Love - David Lee Roth Studio Live

by Nitro Express on 09-13-2022 at 09:07 PM
Quote Originally Posted by MasonL View Post
This is the most accurate I’ve heard Dave sing Ain’t Talkin Bout Love in decades. Even the chlorides “my love is rotten to the core.” Estrada sounds very good but yeah the drums are so non-descript and cookie cutter it drags the sound a bit. Still fun! Awesome to know that Dave can still bring it vocally if he wants to.
He probably can bring it for a song but doing a tour is another ball park. I think Dave was happy with how it turned out and put it out for the public to hear. I wouldn't read too much into it. It's probably Dave saying by example I still got it so fuck off Gene Simmons.

DLR: "I'm Only In The Middle Of My First Retirement"

by Nitro Express on 06-07-2022 at 03:49 PM
Quote Originally Posted by Nitro Express View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Terry View Post
The same IS said for many of Dave's contemporaries out there: I'm saying it! ; )

These aging, wheezing classic rock bands are on the whole too old to get it up.

Had to ask myself several years back, why am I continuing to pay good money for substandard performances? For the privilege of being in the vicinity of 'living legends'?

Fuck 'em. Let others fund their golden years.
Depends. Saw Cheap Trick and they are still good. Robin Zander sings as good as ever. Saw Ace Frehley. Must have been a good night. I enjoyed it. His solos were great. Alice Cooper still worth seeing. With Ace he had a great band. He lays back and let’s the band carry him while he throws picks out but when it’s Ace do a solo time he’s still Ace Frehley.

"The Rolling Stones" Thread

by Nitro Express on 10-27-2021 at 03:11 AM
Quote Originally Posted by Terry View Post
Quote Originally Posted by Nitro Express View Post
Well I overpaid for some lousy seats in Seattle to see Mick, Kieth and Charlie one last time before they died. Time waits for no one.
I can see wanting to see the band before they finally tap out from touring, therefore you bite the bullet and overpay the piper, particularly if one has never seen them live...because the Stones...they're just one of those bands...and with Charlie having passed an Mick having suffered heart problems, clearly it is no longer the case that the chances to see the band are endless in terms of years and years left to check them out.

I can recall thinking at the time that the $50 I paid for my scalped Stones ticket in 1989 was akin to highway robbery...good luck paying less than 6x that amount now, and that's just for nosebleed stadium seats.
What’s funny is in 1981 I did the same thing. I had a summer job at a country club. Two of the lifeguards who were older were talking about getting tickets to see The Stones in Phoenix. Me and another guy decided we might as well go because The Stones we’re getting old and we might not have another chance. So we bought our tickets and headed to Phoenix in one of the life guard’s van.

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